Amaury Lavernhe is a bodyboarder from Reunion Island
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I discovered Reunion Island when I was 7, in 1992 as we settle with my family. For me is a real discovery with evergreen moutains and the Indian ocean. We live a 360° natural family life. All week-ends, we treck in the moutains or swim, dive and play in the waves.
Lost in the middle of the Indian Ocean, near Mauritius and Madagascar, Reunion Island is a French overseas territory. As a little rock, this volcanic island is the place where I have fallen in love with waves and the ocean. The powerful swell coming directly from the South pole beats the reef and offers regular and strong waves that offer me endless sessions with my best friends as soon as I discover and practice bodyboarding.

The disaster of shark-attacks forced me, as many others riders, to leave my favourite home spots for an exile far from my island with so much memories in my heart.
I don’t forget the smallest instant there, in my paradise. This is an extraordinary island.

One of my favourite left in Saint-Leu (Reunion Island) Imagine the endless sessions with my friends with no fear, just good vibes
One of my favourite left in Saint-Leu (Reunion Island) Imagine the endless sessions with my friends with no fear, just good vibes


My first contact with the waves was in Boucan Canot. My first bodyboard course was in St Leu . My first contest -and my first victory- was in Les Roches Noires in 1996, I was 11yo. My club is the Radical Surf Club RSC ( St Gilles), one of the best clubs in France with many medal and titles on the French Bodyboard National League.

I am a competitor of the Reunion Island Surfing Association (LRS – Ligue Réunionnaise de Surf).  My soul of rider is inspired by the Reunion Island spirit.

 Since 1998 – as I was 13 – I  have competed with the Reunion Island Team for the French Bodyboard National League. I love to represent my island and to  support all the competitors of my island. I coach the young Reunion Island riders and  I ride in the Open Men division. The riders come from different regions as Aquitaine, Brittany, Vendée, Bask Country… all of them are good riders and a World Champion has to be part of that contest.

It is a good way to play and compete in small conditions, to keep focused and to respect all riders with no disdain. The Reunion Island flag is very often on the podiums with such riders as Laury Grenier,  Charly Chapelet, Yves de Lapelin-Dumont (DK) or young riders… The Tag Team  was the best moments ever for the Reunion Team : every year we were ripping and no other team could beat us…

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Since March 2012, I have been chosen by the Reunion Island Tourism Office to fly the Reunion Island flag and become an Ambassador of Reunion Island as a World champion of bodyboard.

In the difficult context of the shark attacks, with all the polemics, I am convinced that we have to speak about our island, all over the world. It is important to underline all its touristic and cultural treasures. And to welcome people in our incredible nature and cultures.

At the same time, we have to do our utmost to secure the surfing activity in Reunion Island.  I encourage the unbiased and honest information and the search for feasible and efficient solutions. The silence and statu quo are our enemies and will let our island  sink into oblivion…

As you see, to be an Ambassador of Reunion Island is for me an honour and on the other hand it is a  challenge.  For more than twenty years now,  the Reunion flag is in my heart. And it is as well on the World tour draws next to my name. It is my identity.   And I am proud to be a French Reunion Islander…Here is a feature of France : overseas islands and territories with a big identity altogether belonging to the main country.

I do wish the best to all  Reunion islanders, on the island and all over the world.

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Among volcano, mountains, waterfalls, forests, waves… Nature makes a permanent show and extreme sport activities have a beautiful playground. Today, even if there is very few possibility for safe riding, you will not get bored in Reunion Island, if you like to get a thrill or if you love nature, physical training, big sensations in incredible landscapes, you will be fulfilled wherever you are, on dry land, mountains, volcano, white waters or in the air.


Mountain hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, paragliding, horse back riding, canoeing,  canyoning,  swimming in waterfalls, flying over cliffs in helicopter, looking the lava flows from the volcano La Fournaise or the ballet of  the humpback whales…

Whatever your level, age or fitness, there is something for everyone…. except riding waves. By the way,  all these other activities are the reasons why I always come back to this paradise for extreme sports and sensations, where the body and the mind feel a real harmony in the middle of Nature.  And what about you? My island is waiting for you.

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