The great career of Amaury Lavernhe X2 World Champion of bodyboard
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In 1996, I am 11 years old  and I live in Reunion Island. I am at Saint-Leu attending my first World Tour contest in Reunion Island. it is the GOB Reunion Island Event.  Here I can see Tamega winning the event. I ask him and Mike Stewart and other stars to sign autographs on my tee-shirt.
It is a dream to see them riding the World Class left of Saint-Leu, one of my favourite home spots.
I have been competing since I was 11 years old. My first comps are in Reunion Island, then in France (National League)  and Europe (ETB).
I ride my first final on the World Tour at Pipeline in 2007, and I get on the third step of the podium. It is the first time ever for a French rider.
I have seriously competed on the World Tour from 2008 and every year has been different. I guess everyone have his own evolution and I am super proud and happy of the way things go for me.

Bodyboarding runs through my veins.


In 2012,  the APB – Association of Professional Bodyboarders – gets in charge of the governance and organization of the professional world championship of bodyboard. It succeeds the IBA -International Bodyboard Association.

Since 2020 Feb, the IBC, International Bodyboarding Corporation,  a non-profit organization is responsible for managing the operations and running the World Tour.

Simultaneously, the APB will represent the athletes interests – riders union – and will work to improve and fine-tune the circuit.
All involved have come to an agreement and have pledged their support and commitment to the sport and the future development of bodyboarding.

Let’s live together this new era in the history of professional bodyboarding with the same passion, skill and goodwill.

My main goal as a professional bodyboarder is not to be a X 10 World Champion
but is to feel that I am surfing at my best level over the years …


January 2007, in Hawaï, I reach the 3rd place at the Pipeline Pro, the first competition of year on the IBA Tour ( ex-name of the APB Tour).  The first time for a French rider ever. Then my fate smiles on.

In August 2007, I win my first IBA comp in Sopelana (Bask Country) and I get Top 3  in the 2007 IBA ranking. With this “première”, Reunion Island and France enter in the circle of “bodyboarding’s big nations” facing Hawaii, Australia and Brazil.

My motivation is on top. Then I decide to be in the big league : I will be a professional rider. I want my passion to be my job or vice-versa.  I will follow the Tour: Hawaii, South America, Europe, Australia, Tahiti. My hometown is still in Reunion Island, where I go back in between contests. Thanks to my sponsors – my main one is SNIPER-  it is happening !

Have the courage to follow your intuition. Have the motivation to  live your dream.


2010 is MY year. I reach the 1st place at Pipeline, Hawaii, being the first French (and European) rider to win on this legendary wave. It’s considered “historical”.
Pipe Line Master 2010- Gallery

I am over the moon when I see my name written in stone as a Pipe Master. I dedicate my victory to my friends in Reunion Island.

The year goes on with good results : 2nd place in Peru and Arica, Chile and 1st place in Sintra. By the end of August,  after the Sintra Pro event, the Tour is not over yet but I get a big advance and my points lock the ranking and the World Title is mine already.
My season on the World Tour 2010 – Video

I remember Mike Stewart and Ben Player holding me on their shoulders on the beach in Sintra. They both are my heroes and idols, it is such an honor for me to be hold by them ! I will never forget this moment, these are very precious memories for me and my friends. Particularly on the day when  I go back to Reunion Island in September.
See Back to Reunion Island – Gallery

I also remember the unforgetable ceremony that took place in Las Palmas  (Gran Canaria) in December, with my friends from France and Reunion island and all the big staff of the organization and all the riders. It was also a great and glamourous party.

2010 World Title ceremony – Gallery

This World title is for me an invitation to overpass myself, train and get motivation.
To believe, fight, learn and persevere.  


Everything seems OK as the year begins. Ben Player wins Hawaï in February, I win the New South Wales Crusade in April. Then he wins in Arica in May and I win in Brazil the Itacoatiara Pro in June. Therefore, we are in a perfect equality, for a perfect balance. We have exactly the same points on the World Tour ranking.  Let’s wait for the last step of the 2013 World Tour in Gran Canaria at El Fronton, on 2013 November.

But the last step never happens, the comp is canceled !

The organisation doesn’t want even a simple man on man between Ben and me to determine the winner. So the rules of the Wold Tour will have the last word. Then according to the rules,  the winner will be the one with the best ranking on the previous year. Ben was 8th and I was 9th in 2012  World Tour ranking. It is a queer fate. Ben is one of my idols and an incredible rider. I accept. I am the 2013 World Champion runner-up and look for the coming year to make something bigger.

Let it be. My best is always to come.


My motivation gets lower after the half-satisfying previous year. The new year begins with one month of holiday in Reunion island to present our son Oliver to all my friends at home. After, I have to put my fins back on and to fight again. Ben Player opens the 2014 season with a new victory in Hawaï. It seems he wants to confirm his 2013 discreet title. 

In April, Male, Oliver and I leave to Australia for a three months trip in Australia and Indonesia. The trip begins by one month in a van : on the road, running after the waves. Imagine the nights surrounded by nature, cooking on wood fire, showing in the lakes.  I spend big moments with my Aussie friends, on wild waves, secret spots and the intense beauty of this island like a continent that fascinates me. Then  I discover Java and fabulous unknown spots.

With all these positive vibes and the precious moral support of Malennhy, my motivation is coming  back,  carried by my passion for riding.
In June, the APB assembles his army in Latin America for three steps : Chile at Arica and Antofagasta, then Brazil, with Itacoatiara. Arica is one of my favourite destinations. El Gringo, with its ruthless slab and its regular swell as a beautiful jaw. The final with PLC is a fantastic moment for both of us. He forces me to play the game at the top level to beat him. The scores shows how high is the French level in bodyboarding…
It has been a long time before I can overcome El Gringo : nine seasons to do the job and win the Arica Chilean Challenge. After my second place in 2010, on the year of my first World title, I want to achieve. And I do it with this epic victory.


After my third place in Brazil, I come back to France in the Top 3. September is the richest month in the year. On saturday the 6th  of september, I get married with Male, at my grandparents house with all my family and friends around me. After our honeymoon in Croatia, we go to Sintra, with Oliver. It is the last step of the 2014 Tour as El Fronton is cancelled.  Jared Houston, PLC, Uri Valadao, Ben Player and I are in the race for the world title. When I am in the final, I know that everything is possible. And it happens : the 2014 World Title is for me ! 

After doubts, trust always comes back if you believe in yourself


A new year is coming with my 2014 World Title to defend, like a new challenge. All begins in Itacoatiara, BRAZIL, in June. As I am the current World Champ, I know that I will be carefully watched. Anyway I feel positive. A good swell is coming, the waves are big for the first day and I have to keep focused and confident. I feel no pressure, just a big pleasure to be there among passionate riders. The presence of my family is a good way to low the pressure. When you play with your child, you forget the world around and just feel good.
I confirm my pole position with a beautiful victory on the Itacoatiara  strong beachbreak. Brazil 2015 Gallery  – Brazil 2015 Videos

Later, I finish 2nd in Arica, Chile, after an epic final heat against Jared Houston. We both get an ex-aequo-18pts-score before the bell rings. Then,  Jared wins because  he scored the best wave in the final (9,5 – 8,5 pts). My points are 9,25 – 8,75 pts. What a good fight together ! Arica 2015 Gallery Arica 2015 Videos


In november, when I arrive at Isabela, PUERTO-RICO, to compete the Encanto Pro Cultura 2015 on October, I am still in the race for the World Title. Jared Houston leads the world ranking .  PLC and me are the only ones able to steal the title. After an hitchkockian final day, full of suspense and twists, Jared is crowned 2015 World Champion where as I am Top 3 on the 2016  WT ranking. During the prize ceremony, I have the honour to get the 2015  APB Sportsman of the Year award.
Puerto-Rico 2015 Gallery

After several years of cancellation, the Fronton King in Gran Canaria is on again. Then, it runs as a APB Special Event that will be the last event of the 2015  season. All the riders are really happy to ride this incredible wave which is down my house in Galdar ( Gran Canaria). I really want to be the master in my playing garden so that I feel high motivation. And it works, as I win the contest becoming the King of the Fronton !
Fronton King 2015 Gallery 

Never let go, keep the lead in your mind and try to score

2016 – PLC & ME ON THE TOP

It is a long year on the World Tour 2016  with many events scheduled on the planning.
After Pipeline in February  Top 5, I fly to Tahiti for the APB Teahuppo Sparkgreen Challenge. It is a really unique place for bodyboarding and everyone celebrates Teahuppo back in the APB World Tour ! See Tahiti 2016 Gallery and Video

On June 2016, it is time for Latin America leagues. Il fly to Itacoatiara, Brazil  where I finish Top 5, then it is time for Arica, Chile. El Flopo is one of my favorite wave, as you know. In the final, I am with Ian Campbell, ZAF. It is so good to surf with strong rivals that make you ride your best !  I am Top 2 and proud to fight until the end.
See myvideos Arica 2016  – See theArica 2016 Gallery 

amaury-lavernhe-worldchampion-bodyboarding-arica-chilean-challenge-2016-APB world tour bodyboard-20

Back to Europe I attend Sintra Top 9, Viana Top 2 where I am in the final with Ian Campbell once again. I have quite a good mark on the world ranking, anything can happen.  After Nazaré Top 5., I go back to Gran Canaria for training. The next and last step of the World Tour will be The Fronton King.  I will play the game at home and I want to keep my crown.
The competition is epic, the international and local riders ride at the top. On the final day, the conditions change then the  final will be a 4-riders heat ( not a man-on-man as ususal). I am with Pierre-Louis Costes, Uri Valadao et Igor Sanchez.  I rapidly take the lead then Uri and Igor are combo. In the last minutes, PLC needs a good wave to beat me. I finally win the contest in my kingdom : I am the 2016 Fronton King.
Click for All details and Gallery Fronton King 2016 
Click for Fronton King 2016 Videos


After a 2016 World Tour competing in 8 events, I am the 2016 Vice World-Champion. I feel proud of this result and glad for my friend and best rival Pierre-Louis getting a second WT. French bodyboarding is really reigning on the international professional scene.



This year will be a special one, my 2017 planning depends on the birth of my second child in July. My family is a priority and building my house takes some time to me.

In early 2017 I fly to Hawai Top 5 (Jeff Hubbard wins at home) , Tahiti Top 13 (Jared Houston wins)  and Brazil Top 5 ( Diego Cabrera, Canary)
I am not flying to Chile (Arica and Antofagasta)  in July 2017 : this is a first for me !  I have a good reason to be at home as my beautifull daughter Nahara-Cécile is born in Gran Canaria.

I travel to  Portugal :  Sintra  Top 9 (Ian Campbell wins) and Nazaré (Cardoso wins).
Then I come back home waiting for the Fronton King Pro, the culmination of the APB season.
The 2017 World Tour is dominated by South African riders : Iam Campbell is the World Champion (with two victories and seven podiums) and Jared Houston wins Tahupoo and El Fronton.

For The fronton King 2017, I have to defend the crown that I have won for two years in a row ( 2015 and 2016). It is a big challenge and I know I’m the favorite and the man to shoot down…
I defeat Ryan Hardy, Australia, by combo in quarter-final. Then, in the semi-final against  Pierre-Louis Costes, I let him combo too. But in the final, Jared Houston resists with best scores and wins the heat. It is a good fight. I lend him my crown of King of the Fronton with good grace. He is a friend and great rider ! And I do want to take it back next year…
See  more details Fronton King 2017 Gallery 



The competitor who lives in me takes a big part of my existence. The husband and the father that I have become by love, then the bodyboard instructor that I am now just say :  » Ok Moz,  you can’t do anything at the same time. Choose your priorities and make a plan.  »  I must add the construction worker while building my house with my brother-in-law on the cliff over the sea, in Galdar. I realize that I can’t be away more than six months per year if I want to achieve.  So with my wife Malennhy, we decide that during the two coming years I will give time to my family Oliver aged  5 and Nahara aged 1, our house, and my Amaury Acamedy locally and all around the world.

In 2018, I attend only 3 events on the WT. I fly to Brazil (Itacoatiara) then to Chile (Arica) and later to Australia (Kiama), I am Top 11 on the WT Ranking in september. I am not really satisfied with my results. The Fronton King 2018 that could raise my ranking will not be part of the APB World Tour ! It is due to desagrements with the local organizers. However, the mytical Fronton Kingwill be a World Cup event. The prize money is 12.000€ it is the biggest prize money in the bodyboard history. I train hard and focused : I want my crown back.

The Fronton King 2018 contest is a success : a big media coverage, a perfect organisation, a big support on the spot and a great international audience on the webcast. After beating Guillerme Tamega (Brazil) in semi final I face Jonathan Vega a strong rider from Gran Canaria in the final . I am very moved get out of the water after wining the final heat. I keep my promise : the crown of FrontonKing is back home. And this huge prize money will help for building my house…

See Fronton King 2018 Gallery

See Fronton King 2018 Video


The Fronton King 2018 contest is a success : a big media coverage, a perfect organisation, a big support on the spot and a great international audience on the webcast. After beating Guillerme Tamega (Brazil) in semi final I face Jonathan Vega a strong rider from Gran Canaria in the final . I am very moved get out of the water after wining the final heat. I keep my promise : the crown of FrontonKing is back home. And this huge prize money will help for building my house…

See Fronton King 2018 Gallery

See Fronton King 2018 Video