Amaury Academy in Galdar (Canary) with Amaury Lavernhe
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Arriving in Galdar, Gran Canaria, I realized that bodyboarding is a real culture for young people in the island. I also know from my experience that sport and bodyboarding in particular are pillars of education and development for young people… and adults ! Bodyboarding is my profession and my passion but also a school of life and well-being. It is important for me to pass on and share. With Amaury Academy, I decided to get involved in training young people (9 years to 15 years) and adults from Galdar and the surrounding area, even in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Technical approach – The basics of bodyboarding

the Contact with the ocean and waves

the Riding sensations

the Basic manoeuvers

the Right equipment

 the Autonomy to surf safely alone or with mates.


Behavioural approach – The added values of bodyboarding

Wholesome friendship with an healthy sport

Humility in front of natureal elements and sports rules

 Well-being of a natural sport activity

 Sports as a factor os socialization and self-improvement

 The group courses take place mostly on the North coast of the island in the Galdar area, from beachy Sardina to the spot El Agujero.
 It depends on the waves conditions. Sometimes we venture to the East coast to discover new waves…

 Amaury Academy organizes competitions for the kids to improve their level and to develop their sportsmanship.

¡Gracias a todos y felicidades por su progreso y determinación!

Thank you all and congratulations for your progress and determination!

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