Choose the best bodyboard Sniper Amaury Lavernhe
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I have been riding SNIPER bodyboards since 2005.

It makes more than fifteen years of confidence and success for both the brand and me.

I am proud to ride for this French bodyboarding company created in the year 2000.

The aim of Sniper is bringing a wide range of bodyboards, corresponding to every skill levels and styles.

In early 2020, during my Amaury Academy in Costa-Rica. Such good waves, with my SNIPER board ! @diazcarvs

Since its beginnings, the brand has developed its own way until reaching the elite of today’s European bodyboarding.

Together with its master shaper, and the knowledge of international riders, SNIPER bodyboards has developed a complete range of high performance bodyboards.

The quality of the boards has increased year by year, they are made of the best quality of materials available.

I work in a close collaboration with the shaper who manufactures my customs with a fantastic precision, according to my advice and expectations.

The technical advance of SNIPER bodyboards is now at the top.

The SNIPER models have changed but not our mutual work in SNIPER team.

2023 ICONIC NXT  Amaury Lavernhe 

This model 2022-2023 has a narrower, more accurate and more sensitive shape for more manoeuvrability.

It has been developed for more experienced riders and hollower waves.

It features a slick in Surlyn for more control, NXT channels for more grip and an AL contour deck, nose bulbs and a tail patch for a better ride.

 Click on th pic  below for more information on my ICONIC NXT SERIES


2023 ADVANCED SERIES   Amaury Lavernhe



 Click on th pic above for more information on my ICONIC INF

The Infinity TM Flex Frame by SNIPER

The first prototype of INFINITY Flex Frame I tested was just before the Sintra Pro, on Sept.2014 and I felt that something new was happening in my surf. I was going faster, my board was highly responsive and I was projecting better in my tricks. I decided to use this boards for the comp. Then it helped me to get my second world title for sure ! The Infinity TM Flex Frame makes the boards stiffer and lightly heavier that gives more inertia and rigidifies it, so I get more speed. For the throwing and projections on aerial tricks the Airex frame rigidifies the structure.  It works like a spring then your launch is much powerful and even surprising !  I get a sharp control in the deep, I can ride longer and deeper tubes. A perfectly balanced torsion effect allows a perfect rail to rail control with fast changes. With the Infinity Flex Frame , you can’t stop progress. Just try it once, then you’ll be addicted !


 Click on the pic above to understand the Inifinity Flex Frame in my boards



 Click on th pic above for more information on my ICONIC INF

The Interchangeable String System- ISS

Just imagine if you could change the flex of your board to suit the conditions.

The Interchangeable Sting System enables you to fine tune the flex of your board via a range of precision calibrated ISS stringers.

You can adapt your board to changing conditions just as you change the stringer. It is really interesting to see how it works on your surfing.

You can adapt the flex of the board according to the water temperature or the type of waves. It will improve your sessions in all conditions.

Four different interchangeable stringers are available.  Just enjoy this revolution in bodyboarding evolution. Just turn the key !


2023 ICONIC LIMITED EDITION   Amaury Lavernhe

Latest news April 2023 : unfortunately, these two Limited Edition boards are no more available on Sniper Bodyboard shop on line. You may find them on other surfshops on line.

 Click on th pic  below for more information on my  ICONIC QAD & CORCK 

amaury-lavernhe-bodyboard-sniper-limited_edition_iconic quad_iconic-cork_-advanced-series-2022-2023-world-champion


Drop-knee is part of my life as a Reunion Islander.

The DK riders community in Reunion Island is very strong and talented over there.

They highly inspired me when I was a young beginner.

I am proud to be the 2014 ISA World Champion in DropKnee

I am celebrating my 2022 Vice-World Champion title in drop-knee on the IBC World Tour !

Riding both in drop-knee and prone is a challenge and a very nice experience, the sensations and the technique are different.

You need a faculty to adapt in order to write a new score. It gives me more reasons to progress and feel good vibes ever.

For 2023 season, the PRAYER SIGNATURE  DK, designed by Fred Compagnon, is available  Black/Aqua .

Very fast and manoeuvrable, the shape of the board gives big control, the deep channels grip well in the hollow.

I recommend it to any DK rider who wants stability, velocity and control.

Click on the picture below for more information on my PRAYER SIGNATURE DK