Bodyboard French National League Amaury Lavernhe
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The French National League


Every year, the French Surfing Federation organizes the French National championship as well as the French bodyboarding cup.  I have competed the French National League every year since 1998 with the Reunion Team as a Reunion Island Team rider.

The originality of this French national championship is that all riding fields are represented : surf, longboard, bodyboard, bodysurf, paddle, stand-up paddle, kneeboard, drop-knee etc… All levels also are on the comp, kids aged 12 until Open categories. And all the clubs from France mainland and overseas territories are on the same place, for 10 days of competition. I really enjoy this moment which is a sort big celebration where we meet all together. I am proud to belong to the Reunion Team and we are about 50 coming there for the comp. Every year, and even on the last four years – since the shark attacks almost killed surfing in Reunion Island – the Reunion islanders are on the  podium and get gold medals on their neck.

Even when you are a champion or a pro, it is good to compete on a national league with your club. You are closed to the riders, you support them, you celebrate with them and you accept to challenge on the waves. It is a good way to keep your unassuming. Unfortunately, since 2014, the APB Fronton King step happens every year on late October in Canarys and I cannot come to France for the French League because it takes place on the same days… I miss my Reunion team so much.

The French Surfing Federation was founded in 1964, and empowered by Sports Ministery, to organize, develop and rule the surfing, bodyboarding, kneeboarding, skimboarding, bodysurfing, tandem surfing and paddling practice on French mainland and overseas territories. The French Surfing Federation is registered by the IOC (International Olympic Committee).

As a member of the French Bodyboarding Team,  I have been part of the French Bodyboarding Team since 2006 and we are competing the ISA GAMES. In 2011, the French Bodyboarding Team was sacred ISA World Champion (Canary island), then Runner-up  and ISA World Champion Tag Team in 2014 & 2015 (Chile). I am proud to be the Captain of  BB French team.

As a High Level Athlete  (Elite Class) I am managed by the High Level Committee directed by Michel Plateau (National Technical Manager) of the French Surfing Federation.

My French National League  Titles are :
1999 – 2001 – 2002 – 2006 – 2010 – 2012 DK – 2013 DK – 2014 DK