CANARY ISLANDS Amaury Lavernhe
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I leave Reunion in 2011 driven by the shark crisis.

After the death of my bodyboarding friends during shark attacks and the total ban on surfing,

I have to go into exile. I need an amazing place to console myself and make plans.

Boucan-Canot, in St Gilles Las Bains, Reunion Island. Now, it is for me like a lost paradise...

I decide to move to Gran Canaria for two essential reasons :

the Fronton wave, one of the most beautiful waves in the world for bodyboarding.

And above all, for Magdalena, the young woman of Galdar whom I am in love with.

She is the woman of my life. She is my wife since 2014.

I can add other secondary aspects for my enjoying Gran Canaria :

an ideal temperature all year round, an archipelago with world class waves,

local riders of an incredible level, an easy access by plane to all World Tour destinations,

many extraordinary natural spaces between sea and mountain, our children growing with  full nature around…

El Fronton, en Galdar is my new playground with incredible waves.

Today I have two islands at heart :

Reunion where it all started for me as a rider and Gran Canaria where everything flourishes.

Just call me a DOUBLE ISLANDER …

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