ENGAGEMENT Amaury Lavernhe
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Pure Ocean Ambassador

I am a waterman and an ocean lover. Ocean is my planet and I have decided to support Pure Ocean.
Pure Ocean is an endowment fund created in 2017, based in Marseille that supports state-of-the-art applied research projects to:

  • preserve biodiversity and fragile marine ecosystems,
  • find solutions for the sustainable exploitation of marine resources (fisheries, energy, minerals…)
  • increase knowledge of the oceans and contribute to the fight against global warming
  • contribute to human health by discovering molecules, enzymes, micro-organisms or developing therapeutic applications.

My FIRST PUBLIC ENGAGEMENT PURE OCEAN with Amaury Academy is in Gran Canaria, in March 2021.  It is a commitment in duration and trust.

 » As an ambassador of Pure Ocean, I am committed to raising public awareness with my sports on the World Tour and my educative actions with Amaury Academy. »


Les Petits Princes Ambassador

This French benefit association acts in favor of children and teenagers who suffer long lasting diseases or handicaps. Every volunteer, related with the families, the hospitals and medical crews cares of a young during all the disease and even long years after his remission. But the biggest work of the association is to allow the young to realise his dream. Meeting a star of soccer, attending a concert or a rugby tournament, flying in a plane, riding a horse, to swim with dolphins…
All the volunteers make them happen, even bigger than the young could dream about. This association works only with financial support from people and firms.

This association works only with financial support from people and firms.
I decided to organize a fund-raising in December 2014 with the support of SNIPER that offered a board, with the agreement of the French Surfing Federation.
As I was the Captain of the French Team during the 2014 ISA GAMES in Chile, I asked to the riders to play the game and we brought the mascot with us to Iquique…
It was a good luck for the French Team. With the donations I could raise about 1500€ for the Petits Princes.

  » I thank everyone that made this happen. I could organize a new donation soon. Maybe you will be a donor then ? »


HandiSurf Ambassador

In October 2014, when I arrived in Hossegor for the French League with my brand new world title, I was invited by the French association HandiSurf to become an Ambassador. This invitation really touched me.

The association is destined to help mental and physical disabled people to discover and practice surfing activities.
This organisation teaches surfing and surf school instructors to welcome and manage disabled learners in surfing courses in special conditions and care.
HandiSurf organises local comps, courses and actions to raise awareness among the general public… Only for good purposes!

 » Hope I meet you soon on the waves in a special bodyboarding session for Handi Surf ! «