Bodyboard Stuff Amaury Lavernhe
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Bodyboard Stuff


A vital link… between me and my board. The leash is a strong polyurethane string strongly fixed to the board by the plug. First attached to bodyboards in the seventies, they used to be tied to riders’ ankles, then to their wrists, but nowadays most use a bicep leash. Many say it is the most practical approach, because it gives the rider greater comfort and freedom than the alternatives, when paddling and launching aerial tricks.


My SNIPER MOZ LEASH is super durable, comfortable and aesthetic. Urethane 7mm spiral and 3D binding for more comfort and safety. Neoprene back strap for a better comfort. Added to this a full print with my personal colors for the look! ECB002-Moz leash-Recommended Retail Price RRP: 35 €.
Control your leash conditions. A leash must be maintained with a thorough rinsing to keep its flexibility. It gets damaged more quickly at its ends (plug and strap) , check regularly… in order avoid to lose your board a day or another.


Another essential equipment for me.As many riders, I am like a turtle : I travel with my house, not on my back, just rolling next to me. It is a real holdall where I put my boards, wetsuits, clothes, shoes, fins, coats… everything I need for every travel around the world.


My SNIPER ROLLING COVER is strong, resistant, roomy, it is my only travel bag. With its medium and strong wheels, it is like an easy-to-ride piece of my home travelling with me and passing by the oversized luggage conveyors in all the airports in my competitor’s life. The top is strengthened and the zip is really strong to resist when I cram it too much… EFR001- Rolling cover -Recommended Retail Price RRP: 122,50 €.

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