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Gran Canaria, Galdar – 2021


Every morning, when I wake up I see by my window El Fronton, my neighbourg, at the bottom of the seascape.
I take the binoculars to see how the wave behave.
This incredible wave is one of the most dangerous spot in the World.
Some people would say it is my Obsession… I would probably agree.
But, it is a sane obsession that makes me stronger and aware,
that makes me 
realise the beauty of Mother nature.


If I want to be able to ride this wave at my best level, I must be at the best physical and mental level.
For this, I need a severe discipline. By having the most healthiest routine, I stay alert to watch the beast’s awakening.
Enjoy this awesome clip that mixes amazing footages of riding and discover my daily training.
You can see that I am not exhausted in training. I am regular, competitive and I progress day after day.
Every time I ride these majestic and powerfull waves,
I realize how lucky I am to be here,
I celebrate the beauty of the ocean.
All my body and my senses are awakened.
Fimed and edited by Sunay Film Maker.
Supported by @bodyboardsniper @amauryacademy @mundo_surf
Duration 3min 28


Sardina, Gran Canaria – March 2021


For me the Ocean is life, a moving life. It’s a source of well-being, It gives rhythm to my everyday life. It’s my practice ground,my playground, It’s what makes me feel better everyday. The Ocean represents 70% of the planet and 97% of water on earth. But the ocean is in danger with over-fishing and plastic pollution…
It’s a big challenge, we really need to take care of it.

In 2021, I decide to join the Pure Ocean, a French endowment fund created in 2017. Its main mission is to support innovative applied scientific research projects around the world, contributing to the protection of fragile marine ecosystems and biodiversity. And it is also a sports races and challenges promoter.


As a Pure Ocean ambassador, I want to raise awareness about science actions and innovations supported by Pure Ocean. They are big innovative scientific projects for Ocean protection and biodiversity. I also want to highlight projects supported by Pure Ocean and thus increase their reputation.

As a Pure Ocean ambassador, I will rely on both Amaury Academy and the World tour.


For the first time, in March 2021, I have presented Pure Ocean projects and actions to the kids of my Amaury Academy.  It has taken place in Sardina (Galdar, Gran Canaria) during a bodyboard course for kids aged 6-10. We are filmed and Interviewed by the France TV National broadcasting reporters, Eric and Mourad coming from Paris.
I explain to the kids attending the course the importance of caring for the ocean and the role that each of them can play in this challenge. Then I gave them a little bracelet « I am a Pure Ocean lover » just before we all declare in spanish :  « we are Pure Ocean lovers » then we threw us into the water for class !  Thanks to Eric for the pictures.

I want to continue developing my Amaury Academy around the world, to keep on transmitting my values to all the young people who love bodyboarding and love the ocean.

In the educational context of my bodyboard classes, I want to make them understand the importance of the ocean in their lives, and the urgency of taking care of it.
I will organize not only beach cleaning, for example, but also presentations of scientific projects and I will involve local actors in the countries where I teach.


Besides financing research projects, Pure Ocean also promotes races and athletic challenges, with the objective of drawing maximum attention to threatened ecosystems
and highlight the importance of protecting them. As an athlete and two-time world champion, I also want my journey on the IBC World Tour to be a Race for Pure Ocean. You will hear about it !

Let’s hope that after Covid, sports and international competitions will resume, for the good of all !


2010-2020 Ten years ago, the Bodyboard World Title ceremony

A splendid ceremony for the World Tour

In early December 2010, at the Tao Club in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria,  there is a very special event about happening.
Indeed, the IBA staff and the local producer of the event have organized a fantastic party. It is time to celebrate the 2010 IBA World Champions.
Isabela Sousa, Brazil is the 2010 IBA Women World Champion, she is an incredible rider with many titles and a big skill ont he waves.

El Confital, Gran Canaria (Spain) is the last step of the 2010 World Tour. The days before, all the professional riders have competed for this last step of the World Tour.

I am so proud to celebrate my this world title. For the first time in the history of professional bodyboarding an European rider his holding the World Trophy.
France is entering the legend and Reunion Island too !
I feel so proud and happy.

A glamourous moment

The cocktail and the dinner take place in a beautiful and perfectly decorated reception area. There are about one hundred guests. It is a sort of a dream.
Terry Mac Kenna opens the ceremony in a tonic and joyful speach.

My mother and my grandparents have come from France as well as Gilles and Béatrice, my uncle and aunt flying from Marrakech.
As a French ambassador, I decide to wear a tuxedo for this exceptionnal occasion. My grandpa brings me his dress shoes. My mother gives me my father’s cufflinks made of gold and opaline. It is a rare moment, something new for me. I feel confortable and elegant but inside my mind and my soul, I feel moved and blissed.

Thanks to all people that make the moment unforgetable.
A big stand up for the IBA International Bodyboard Association
A big thanks to the Canarian organisers of this exceptional ceremony.

VIDEO  my 2010 year on the World Tour  in search of my title as a world champion : every contetst, my victories, my interviews and the ceremony. Video edited by FocusProd. Don’t miss it.



Paris, February 2016 –  BEIN Sport studios


Early in the morning, my agent and I arrive at Bein Sport, a national Sports TV channel.
I am the guest star of L’Expresso, the sports morning show hosted by Vanessa Le Moigne.
I am very happy to see that bodyboarding is in the spotlight,  Vanessa Le Moigne is a very professional and funny animator .
The live show is based on reporting about bodyboard, on personnal interviews and quizz with many personal questions.
There is also a sport challenge with a bar training session and a cooking show in live. Enjoy !

Thanks to the Expresso Team for this welcome.
See the pictures of the backstage and the stage.



Paris, France TV – January 2016


As I was in Paris before leaving to Hawaï in 2016,  I was invited on the mythical sports program Couleurs Sports on the overseas France TV channel.
In five different TV sets , I am talking about my career, the professional world championship, the shark crisis and surf conditions in Reunion island.
You can see a lot of reports, ITW, videos and action.
Appreciate the moment !

Thanks to  Eric Cintas and Sabrina Saoulamia – France TV Sports journalists.




You want to know how I train and live in Gran Canaria? You want to see memories of my two World titles?
After my second world title, RIDING ZONE – the only French TV program dedicated to extreme sports- decides to produce a full report about me, titled THE RIDER IN HIGH SPIRITS.
The film crew came to Gran Canaria, to discover my lifestyle, my favourite spots, my projects and what makes my success.
My memories of Reunion Island and my vision of our sport.
You will see also interviews with the Team Reunion during the 2014 French National league and old school shootings. Enjoy.

Produced by Puzzle Media – Thanks to Jonathan Politur.


2010 – My incredible year on the World Tour


This video is a complete summary of this special 2010 year for me on the World Tour.
The editor has compiled the best moments of the contests, my best waves and the podiums.
He has added my comments, my training sessions in Reunion Island and the final prize ceremony in Gran Canaria, where I get the trophy and the honours with all my friends
See the  2010 Ceremony Gallery

« I have not seen such a determination
in a competitor since the old Tamega days « 

Damian King, Aus. X2 World Champion

Pipe Line pro – Hawaï : I win the comp, I am the first european rider to win this contest.
Arica Chilean Challenge – Arica – Chile : I finish 2nd after a crazy final against David Winchester – Aus.
Chilca – Peru :  In the final with Pierre-Louis, I know that I have to surf my best and I do. But in the first minutes of the heat PLC score an unreal 10-pt-blackflip with a perfect landing… I let him the first podium, this top 2 gives me a certain advantage for the next stop of the World Tour. I have many points in my pocket when I arrive in Portugal.
Sintra Pro – Portugal :  I go step by step, winning my heats progressively touching the aim… And I win the final, with one fin only ! Imagine, I have no cord on my fins and during the final, a wave takes one of my fins off…  Anyway, fated have smiled upon me and I win the competition. With this other victory, the number of points is sufficient to block the counter  and allows me to be the 2010 World Champion of Bodyboard.

« Amaury dominated the 2010 World Tour.
His discipline both in and out the water results
in the most technically precise surfing on tour. »

Mike Steward, Haw.  X9 World Champion

You will remember me hold by Mike Steward and Ben Player who are my heroes, as I get out the final heat in Sintra.
You will also see me training on magic Reunion Island swell.
You will feel my emotion and my joy.
Don’t miss it. It is a real highlight of my life as a bodyboarder.

« A longlife dream »  is edited by Lany Lesizza.
Thanks to the assistant editors Charly Chapelet – Matthieu Milella – Focus Prod Reunion Island.