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2019 – Secret Spots in Canary




I was riding an amazing swell on a sister island in Canarys


Filmed by: Daniel Meana
Edit by: Daniel Meana


2018 – Riding my best in Canarys




Let me ride my best in my playground


Enjoy this short clip when I am riding at my best level in The Canarys where I am living today.
This is the beginning of a big year for me. Not completely involved on the World Tour but totally engaged in my surf…

Filmed by: Alejandro Morán, Jesus de León, Ardiel Jiménez, Igor Sánchez, Pyramid Art Prod y Victor Bilbao.
Music: Chop Off by Future vs System Of A Down
Edit by: Alejandro Morán



Gran Canaria, October 2016


Last stop of the 2016 APB World Tour. The conditions are hard, the waves are strong for the 2016 edition. It is what one calls a Big Fronton !   It’s the lottery for the contestants depending on whether you go high or low tide. The conditions change radically. The two contenders for the WT title are PLC and Jeff Hubbard.
As the tide is getting low and the waves are getting too big, the organizers decide that the finals will take place with 4 riders-heats and not man-on-man.

I am in the final with Igor SANCHEZ, Uri VALADAO and PLC. He is already the brand new 2016 World Champion as he wins his semi-final. It will be an incredible moment. Here is what I want : a high-level scored heat, big tricks, suspense and celebrate this game with my best friend on the Tour. PLC gets a good score with a belly-air, on landing he cuts his tongue with his teeth. I  follow him with a good vague and I get 9pts.


Then I take and I keep the leadership of the final. Five minutes before the end, the two other riders are combo and PLC still needs a good score to beat me. About a 8,5 or 9 pts wave. It is not impossible for Pierre. But he tells me :
 » Ok guy, let’s stop the game now. I feel I won’t beat you. You dominate the contest and the final, you desserve to be the Fronton King and I am already the World Champion. What more do we need ? « 
So the three last minutes pass and the bell rings. We congratulate each other, we have reached our aim.
He is sincerely happy that I win the 2016 Fronton King and he needs nothing more.
And I am deeply happy that he is the 2016 World Champion and I need nothing more. For this year …

This moment illustrates the strong and unseen link  that there is between us, friendship, rivalry and brotherhood.
We are so happy to celebrate !

For 2016, French bodyboarding is at the top of the World :  PLC is the World Champion and I am the 2016  World Vice-Champion

I want to give a special tribute to the local organization that made a very big job.

And I thank heaven that made me come to live in this incredible spot with my beloved family sorroundig me.

Click here to see my Videos Fronton King 2016


2016 Canary Highlights 2





Check out the second part of my highlights of this last winter in Canary Islands. Every time I surf here I realize how lucky I am to have such a good training camp with amazing waves and so great riders. Can’t wait to see the new season start to get back on training and to get some new footages.

Thanks to Elements Prod for editing  and to all the guys that have been filming for this clip…
See you guys in September !