invitational event Amaury Lavernhe
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YUYO PRO 2022 – Invitational event in Galdar

El Pico del Agujero – Galdar – GRAN CANARIA


This event is organized by El Yuyo himself, the famous local rider Alexandre Reyes.
An invitational event with most of the top Canarian riders and one of the best wave location you could imagine for a competition !
El Pico del Agujero is one the waves I can see from my house when I wake up… It is a very strong one !

For me, it is  a privilege to be part of it and to be able to compet in amazing conditions of waves against some of the best local riders.
In very good conditions, and with a tight timing, this competition will be a real challenge technicaly and physicaly.
As I am on the two divisions – Open and Drop Knee – I will have  to ride 6 heats on the final day on the powerfull  and the majestic wave of « El Pico del Agujero »!


I am super stoked on the final results with a first place in the DK division. I have tried my best riding back side against Javier Ceballos, Angelo Freda and Alejandro Ryes.
In the Open division, I’m happy to be on the second step of the podium with Jonathan Vega, the event’s winner and the talented Lionel Medina and my  fellow countryman from Reunion island Robin Legros !
A special thanks to Alejandro Reyes  el Yuyo for the organisation of this invitational event.
And my gratitude for the local community to make me feel at home…
See you next year !