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Sardina, Gran Canaria – March 2021


For me the Ocean is life, a moving life. It’s a source of well-being, It gives rhythm to my everyday life. It’s my practice ground,my playground, It’s what makes me feel better everyday. The Ocean represents 70% of the planet and 97% of water on earth. But the ocean is in danger with over-fishing and plastic pollution…
It’s a big challenge, we really need to take care of it.

In 2021, I decide to join the Pure Ocean, a French endowment fund created in 2017. Its main mission is to support innovative applied scientific research projects around the world, contributing to the protection of fragile marine ecosystems and biodiversity. And it is also a sports races and challenges promoter.


As a Pure Ocean ambassador, I want to raise awareness about science actions and innovations supported by Pure Ocean. They are big innovative scientific projects for Ocean protection and biodiversity. I also want to highlight projects supported by Pure Ocean and thus increase their reputation.

As a Pure Ocean ambassador, I will rely on both Amaury Academy and the World tour.


For the first time, in March 2021, I have presented Pure Ocean projects and actions to the kids of my Amaury Academy.  It has taken place in Sardina (Galdar, Gran Canaria) during a bodyboard course for kids aged 6-10. We are filmed and Interviewed by the France TV National broadcasting reporters, Eric and Mourad coming from Paris.
I explain to the kids attending the course the importance of caring for the ocean and the role that each of them can play in this challenge. Then I gave them a little bracelet « I am a Pure Ocean lover » just before we all declare in spanish :  « we are Pure Ocean lovers » then we threw us into the water for class !  Thanks to Eric for the pictures.

I want to continue developing my Amaury Academy around the world, to keep on transmitting my values to all the young people who love bodyboarding and love the ocean.

In the educational context of my bodyboard classes, I want to make them understand the importance of the ocean in their lives, and the urgency of taking care of it.
I will organize not only beach cleaning, for example, but also presentations of scientific projects and I will involve local actors in the countries where I teach.


Besides financing research projects, Pure Ocean also promotes races and athletic challenges, with the objective of drawing maximum attention to threatened ecosystems
and highlight the importance of protecting them. As an athlete and two-time world champion, I also want my journey on the IBC World Tour to be a Race for Pure Ocean. You will hear about it !

Let’s hope that after Covid, sports and international competitions will resume, for the good of all !