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2017 Puerto Rico – Aguadilla bella

During my last Amaury Academy in Puerto Rico, March 25,2017, I go for a long free-surf session at the Fountain of Youth, Ramey Base.
In the end of  the afternoon, I have an insane moment of pure pleasure : a long tube that surprised everyone, me and the photographers… Just look until the last seconds.
I love to share my feelings and sensations after such moments with friends.
The waves are incredible and the riders spirit is so strong and engaged. Love you Puerto Rico.

Filmed by: @xtremeclipspr and @gypseamoon
music: Pretty Lights – Sunday School
edit by:@xtremeclipspr



2015 – PUERTO RICO – A big suspense for the world title

October 2015, Puerto-Rico

Crazy Encanto Pro 2015

The 2015 World Champion title is decided in Puerto Rico !
This spot is such a nice place, situated in a tropical paradise with a good bodyboarding community. This APB contest, the Encanto Pro Cultura takes place in Isabela.
It is an amazing professional event with big promos, meetings in schools and exposure for the sport. That is exactly what bodyboarding needs today !
A big bravo to the local organizers, particularly to Natasha, Jared Houston’s wife  who made a big job too.
Before the contest, me and my family stay at Jony’s – Jonathan Perez. He is the official dealer of SNIPER in Puerto Rico (perezdelcarril@gmail.com).

Focused on the target

I spend the first week really focused for the contest, training everyday and trying to have the healthiest routine possible.  I am actually really exited to compete for a new title.
It is a new goal in my career and a great battle between Jared, PLC and myself. But the competition offers Jared a big suspense as is out in the 1/16 final. He watches the final day of the comp from the beach with anxiety.  PLC and me are the only ones able to steal the world title to him.  I have to win my 1/8 final heat against Jacob Romero to get the title… With a big pression, I lead my heat until 3 minutes before the end, then Jacob scores a good wave and I  answer him 30 seconds before the bells ring, unsuccessfully. I am out and the title won’t be for me. PLC has now the advantage. He fights until the final for his chance, but Jeff Hubbard wins the contest, making PLC unable to get the Wold Title. Jared leaps with joy on the sand and we rejoice with him.

After a big deception for being so closed to the victory, I sincerely enjoy Jared winning his first world title.
Anyway, he wins in the island where he is living now, with his wife and his daughter. He deserves this title and we celebrate it all together. It is fabulous and it inspires me a lot.

My 2015 APB Award

By the way, I have the honour to receive the 2015 SPORTSMAN OF THE YEAR APB award from Alex Leon, the APB CEO. This trophy rewards me for my sporting commitment and my competitive spirit

Thanks to and Alex Diaz and Jony Perez for the pics.
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