Sparkgreen Challenge Amaury Lavernhe
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2016-Teahupoo Tahiti Challenge APB Tour


After twelve years long without any Bodyboarding Professional contest, Teahuppo welcomed us with the Sparkgreen Teahupoo Tahiti Challenge  in April-May 2016.
This majestic wave demands a big organization. All is ruled by the APB Team that takes care of any detail ( security, action film, live webcast).
I feel a big motivation  in front these good waves to ride.

I keep so good memories in mind, even my failure  against  Jeff Hubbard – the winner of the contest.
It gives me more to learn with such an incredible rider : to be more offensive, to tempt aerial manoeuvres although you are the leader of the heat, even when you have the priority. I know that I will progress again and again. That is one of my motos : You can’t stop progress…

A tribute on my skin

Although I get only Top 13 on the comp,  I capilise on my pleasant journey in Tahiti. This island is a magical place where the ocean is a sovereign and the waves just amazing.
The island is a natural treasure and I feel attracted by all the French Polynesia islands.
I am lucky to stay at Mana’s home, with his wife and daughters, in an authentic Tahitian lifestyle.
Never forget :  Tahitian people are friendly,  nice, hospitable and I can’t wait to be back there for a new Teahuppo or for a trio, why not ?

I leave with some grey pearls in my pocket to offer to my beloved wife Malennhy and with a tatoo on my leg, another tribute to Tahitian islanders and waves.