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Paris, February 2016 –  BEIN Sport studios


Early in the morning, my agent and I arrive at Bein Sport, a national Sports TV channel.
I am the guest star of L’Expresso, the sports morning show hosted by Vanessa Le Moigne.
I am very happy to see that bodyboarding is in the spotlight,  Vanessa Le Moigne is a very professional and funny animator .
The live show is based on reporting about bodyboard, on personnal interviews and quizz with many personal questions.
There is also a sport challenge with a bar training session and a cooking show in live. Enjoy !

Thanks to the Expresso Team for this welcome.
See the pictures of the backstage and the stage.



Paris, France TV – January 2016


As I was in Paris before leaving to Hawaï in 2016,  I was invited on the mythical sports program Couleurs Sports on the overseas France TV channel.
In five different TV sets , I am talking about my career, the professional world championship, the shark crisis and surf conditions in Reunion island.
You can see a lot of reports, ITW, videos and action.
Appreciate the moment !

Thanks to  Eric Cintas and Sabrina Saoulamia – France TV Sports journalists.



Reunion Island, September 2010


Some days after my victory in Sintra (Portugal) in early September 2010, I am back home to Reunion island.
It is not a normal trip for me, because some days before, in Sintra, I won the title of World Champion.
Reunion Island is on fire, as I am the first Reunion Islander, French and European rider ever to win a professional World Title in a sliding sport.

The plane lands  and I get out of the delivery zone a bit tired after a 11-hours flight.
As the exit gates open, I am surprised by an incredible and unforgetable welcome by many friends with a big ovation in the arrival hall.
I feel deeply moved by their presence, their happiness and their cheers.
La Réunion lé la !!!

By the way, after the interviews at the airport and meetings, time is for joy and euphoria, with the night party on the beach on Boucan Canot, in St Gilles-les-Bains.
A big crowd was here, simply happy and proud to share my unseen World Title.
I am so grateful for all Reunion riders who made me discover the bodyboard and supported me all to get this title and still today and ever.

See me on Matthieu Schiller’s shoulders at the airport, see him on the last pictures, with his green tee-shirt during the beach party.
Look at these pictures and praise.
We are on 2010 Sept, one year later he will die in a shark attack, just down this beach.

All these moments are really precious because it is pure joy and they happen BEFORE the dramas, before the 30 victims attacked by sharks in Reunion Island since 2011.

It is a moment of grace because we are all alive and happy and none of us knows what will happen after.




On his return from Ferrol (Spain) on 7 September 2010, Amaury goes to Hoff’s factory in Bayonne to share the joy of his new laurels with the SNIPER team. Lucky coïncidence of the calendar, the whole world team of Hoff’s distributors is present for the 2010-2011 presentation meeting : the arrival of the World Champion gives even more punch to their work. On the program, a press conference and an evening party were organized in his honour.

The press conference brings together the riding media and representatives of the FFS (National French Surf League). Marc Faraht – the Hoff CEO – praises the historic title that Amaury brings to the SNIPER brand and the entire Hoff company:
« We are very happy and proud to have this exceptional rider in our ranks, quite simply. This is an unique moment that we want to share with him. »

Amaury has joined the SNIPER team when he first started competing in 2003 with just a few boards to start with. Then the adventure accelerated with the promodels and with the results on the scoreboards for his stunning debut on the IBA World Tour in 2007.
Since then, the confidence has been confirmed, and Amaury expresses his pride in being part of this great and beautiful family of boardsports. And he thanks all the members of the Hoff company who have placed their trust in him over the years.

On the beginning of the press conference, Amaury dedicates his victory to three important people to him and who have passed away: his father, Matthieu Walbrou (Mat) and David Legleye, his friend from Reunion Island. This memory is full of emotion, Amaury remembers that Mat and David died on their trip back from the Sintra Pro in Portugal in 2001. He puts the highlights on his bumping 2010 Wold Tour and  give his impressions on his series at the Sintra Pro 2020, where he has won his World Title.
He also talks about his two major projects: to ensure that the IBA title is recognized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports in France and to achieve the great project of an IBATOUR step in Reunion Island.

« Everything I do, I don’t do it for me.
It’s first of all for bodyboarding,
this sport of passion, which is my whole life.
These projects are for the French sport,
for all the bodyboarders of my country
who need recognition and encouragement.
And for my island, Reunion Island,
which has a huge potential
both by its fabulous spots and by its riders of an excellent level.
I don’t want to carry these laurels alone,
I have to make them grow and fruitful.
With this title, I’m just opening a new door in the history of this sport.
I want to create new opportunities,
to make people want to dare.
Otherwise, what’s the point of being the champion?


After a full day of work and meetings, the whole team is on deck to prepare the party.
The factory shop looks like a large party hall with a DJ, a buffet and champagne. Relaxed and smiling, Amaury  shares this festive moment with the Management, Marketing and Sales Teams of the whole HOFF company.
Cédric BORNAREL, representative of the Hoff company in Reunion Island, is also among the guests. And many other personalities such as : Iker AGUIRRE (NSI Ho5 Park), Ghislain VAGINAY (Inside Surf School), Frédérick MAGET (ex boss of Zone d’Impact), RIRAW Prod with the photographer Stéphane SALERNO and the video director Jean-François SARDA, Sébastien VAISSE (the brand new editor of Bodyboard Magazine), Guillaume Barucq (SurfPrevention. com), Stéphane BOULLY (ex-team manager at Hoff, now at Kanabeach and boss of the e-shop Board District) or the Spanish Edu BARTHOLOME (

To be noted, the presence of Christophe SEILLER (Cluster manager of EuroSIMA), Michel PLATEAU (Head of the FFS High Level Cluster) and Olivier AUCHERON (Nobelum and FFS bodyboard commission)…
As well as many riders including the legendary drop knee rider Dave HUBBARD (Hawaii) who was with Amaury in Sintra. He is about going to Reunion Island to spend a month discovering the island of Amaury. Charly CHAPELET (Reunion Island) the director of the Amaury dvd, accompanied by his girlfriend Laura Huscenot (sister of Reunion Maxime Huscenot, ISA Junior World Champion) and Fabrice MOULIN who followed Amaury on the European steps, Mathieu INCHAUSPE, Sébastien LACOMBE and so many others who come to join the whole event.

During the evening, Amaury signes three boards  for the winners of a random-draw winners of its promodel SNIPER  and put his autographs on the official IBA World Champion poster.

The next day, he flies back home to Reunion Island.
Amaury’s heart is full of these precious memories.
He is so impatient to share other incredible moments with all his brothers of Reunion Island.

(Text written by Stephane Michaux, reporter and photogaph,  for his website.)




2010 – My incredible year on the World Tour


This video is a complete summary of this special 2010 year for me on the World Tour.
The editor has compiled the best moments of the contests, my best waves and the podiums.
He has added my comments, my training sessions in Reunion Island and the final prize ceremony in Gran Canaria, where I get the trophy and the honours with all my friends
See the  2010 Ceremony Gallery

« I have not seen such a determination
in a competitor since the old Tamega days « 

Damian King, Aus. X2 World Champion

Pipe Line pro – Hawaï : I win the comp, I am the first european rider to win this contest.
Arica Chilean Challenge – Arica – Chile : I finish 2nd after a crazy final against David Winchester – Aus.
Chilca – Peru :  In the final with Pierre-Louis, I know that I have to surf my best and I do. But in the first minutes of the heat PLC score an unreal 10-pt-blackflip with a perfect landing… I let him the first podium, this top 2 gives me a certain advantage for the next stop of the World Tour. I have many points in my pocket when I arrive in Portugal.
Sintra Pro – Portugal :  I go step by step, winning my heats progressively touching the aim… And I win the final, with one fin only ! Imagine, I have no cord on my fins and during the final, a wave takes one of my fins off…  Anyway, fated have smiled upon me and I win the competition. With this other victory, the number of points is sufficient to block the counter  and allows me to be the 2010 World Champion of Bodyboard.

« Amaury dominated the 2010 World Tour.
His discipline both in and out the water results
in the most technically precise surfing on tour. »

Mike Steward, Haw.  X9 World Champion

You will remember me hold by Mike Steward and Ben Player who are my heroes, as I get out the final heat in Sintra.
You will also see me training on magic Reunion Island swell.
You will feel my emotion and my joy.
Don’t miss it. It is a real highlight of my life as a bodyboarder.

« A longlife dream »  is edited by Lany Lesizza.
Thanks to the assistant editors Charly Chapelet – Matthieu Milella – Focus Prod Reunion Island.