World Tour Bodyboard - Arica, Chile - Amaury Lavernhe runs for a victory
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2015 – ARICA – A big competition in high conditions

August 2015 , Chile

An incredible final

Once again, for the 2015 edition, El Floppos has kept up with his reputation.
This spot is definitely a waves machine and a bombs raiser…
This comp has been completely crazy with high big scores for many of the competitors. I was feeling focused, very motivated and the level of the waves and riders whet my appetite for fighting and ripping. A big tribute to Jared Houston for this red-letter final who showed to anyone that even when everything seems to be lost, you must never give up.  

On the final, with Jared Houston, the waves are a big smaller and I know that I have to score some waves early in the heat. In the first five minutes, I get 18 points (9,25 – 8,75 pts). Jared has 25 minutes to overpass my score. Late in the heat, his inverts scoting 9,5 pts  allows Jared to get 18 pts too.  So what? In a final suspenseful exchange with 20 seconds remaining on the clock, we both take off on a split peak. This last effort is no avail. We are ex-aequo when the bell rings. The rule is simple: Jared wins on a tiebreaker with his higher score. 9,5pts.
Congrats buddy, you did an amazing contest !

Thanks to all the people involved in the organisation of this Chilean contest, by far the most consistent wave on tour.

Ten years already that I am coming in Arica and I cant wait to come back to surf Gringo again !
Hope that through these pics you will see what bodyboarding really is : strong riding,  big focus and real friendship.
So long Arica, see you again and again.

See the BocaNegra video about my 10th year in Arica  2015 Moz in Arica


19 août 2015


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