Amaury Lavernhe - Bodyboarding Trip in Australia NSW for big waves
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2015- My daily routine during my trip in Australia

A resourcing trip in Oz

Australia, NSW – May 2015

In May as the winter swell is coming in South hemisphere, I leave my training residence in Gran Canaria to fly to Sydney.  I am traveling in solo, for one month in the middle of Mother Nature in New South Wales. No car, just my feet and nice drivers picking up around there.
I enjoy a mix of opportunities to ride many secret spots and the warm welcome by Glen Thurston and his family.

I begin a good job with Agent eighteen signing my new contract for wetsuits.
I appreciate the very good conditions for training, physical and mental balance, with endless surf sessions in the middle of nowhere. I should say in the middle of hidden paradises… with top leveled riders full of daring and talent.
So long Aussies, I will soon be back. Thank you for all the positive energy and spirit you give to me ever.
I am sure that you will inspire me on the new 2015 World tour.

See the video of this trip in my MOVIES GALLERY


1 mai 2015


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