Amaury Lavernhe Bodyboard World Tour 2016 Itacoatiara Pro Brazil
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2016 BRAZIL- Itacoatiara Pro

A mate on the podium

After my good entering in the comp, with my 2015 title in mind I want to go as far as possible in the board.  I am surprised and disappointed as I fail in semi-final. Anyway, the competition is as usual a success for the organizers and all peopole sitting down the Itacoatiara Elephant Mountain. I am glad to see Alex Uranga winning the event. He is a strong rider and he is a SNIPER team rider with me. So that I an proud to see his SNIPER board on the podium.

 Just once won’t hurt…

To be at the top level is really an extraordinary situation but you have to be humble enough to accept what happens. At the same time, you need to be strong enough to go ahead and project yourself into new victories.


16 juin 2016


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