Bodyboard sessions in the swell of Canary Island with Amaury Lavernhe
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2019-2020 KEEP IT UP ! Winter waves in Gran Canary

Winter 2019 – 2020 – Galdar ,Gran Canaria

Big swell and high sensations

On my playing ground, in Galdar – Gran Canaria, winter offers strong waves in perfect riding conditions.
I can  enjoy the daily swell coming from the Atlantic ocean. The water temperature is quite stable around 20° and the morning sun offers the ideal light.
I am really found of this place where I am living, with the mountain of Galdar and the cliffs falling in the sea.
Enjoy ALL this video : the waves and my tricks, of course.
But don’t miss the water purity and transparency, the caress of the sun’s rays, the sky and the whole nature.
And the feeling of freedom just down my house.
Then, keep it up !

Videos : Andrés SCHWALB – Arantxa ZAGAZETA – Christian ANTUNEZ – Joao IMAGINARIO – Nuno NOBREGA – Richard PEREZ
Edit : Andrés SCHWALB


14 janvier 2020


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