TEAM SNIPER Amaury Lavernhe
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SNIPER has been part of my bodyboarding activity for 15 years of confidence et success. We move forward together in a dynamic of progress and work.
I was the first professional bodyboarder in the SNIPER team, my first team manager was Stéphane BOULY until 2010. Then Benoît BRECQ entered in the game. In 2010, we celebrate my first world title at SNIPER’S headquarters in Bayonne with all the staff. Memories of the 2010 SNIPER Party

Being part of a brand team is not only a coalition of athletes, it’s also a collaboration with the whole company and a team that I’ve been working with for 15 years now. For the future, the most important is to capitalize on the successes and to face new opportunities and projects.

Certainly, I am satisfied with the remarkable technical work that allows the Sniper boards to be among the best in the market. However, I also expect support for my bodyboard tutorials and Amaury Academy projects. In my opinion, a complete athlete is synonymous with new ideas, new actions to pull our sport up.

We are three pro riders in the SNIPER PRO TEAM.
Alex Uranga – Bask Country / Iain CAMPBELL – South Africa / and me.
There are also council and ambassadors SNIPER