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Full moon & good swel for a big riding

Gran Canaria, El Fronton- El Agujero – Feb,2023


A rider depends on Mother nature. So that the wind, the streams and even the moon have an influence on  tides and  waves.

During the period of full moon, the lunar attraction on earth is stronger. it sometimes causes changes in the swell that gets more powerful. It is the opportunity for me to enjoy the barrels in endless sessions, even late until sunset. Then, as this is coming, the sky takes on colors of fire. Then it gives way to a red blood moon in a deep dark sky.

In such conditions, El Agujero or El Fronton are the two favorite places to do scales, like a musician on a keyboard. During these long sessions, I advise to hydrate regularly to avoid cramps. After the effort, don’t forget a good stretching exercice to easily recover.

Filmed and edited by


Follw my YT channel TV



Gran Canaria, Galdar – 2021


Every morning, when I wake up I see by my window El Fronton, my neighbourg, at the bottom of the seascape.
I take the binoculars to see how the wave behave.
This incredible wave is one of the most dangerous spot in the World.
Some people would say it is my Obsession… I would probably agree.
But, it is a sane obsession that makes me stronger and aware,
that makes me 
realise the beauty of Mother nature.


If I want to be able to ride this wave at my best level, I must be at the best physical and mental level.
For this, I need a severe discipline. By having the most healthiest routine, I stay alert to watch the beast’s awakening.
Enjoy this awesome clip that mixes amazing footages of riding and discover my daily training.
You can see that I am not exhausted in training. I am regular, competitive and I progress day after day.
Every time I ride these majestic and powerfull waves,
I realize how lucky I am to be here,
I celebrate the beauty of the ocean.
All my body and my senses are awakened.
Fimed and edited by Sunay Film Maker.
Supported by @bodyboardsniper @amauryacademy @mundo_surf
Duration 3min 28

Bodyboard Addict 2020-2021

Gran Canaria – Winter swells – 2020,2021


While the world is closing borders for health reasons,
as we cannot run the seas to surf unknown waves,
the bodyboarding addicts need their shoot of motivation.

The swell have been generous during 2021-2021 winter time in Gran Canaria.
Many films were shot during this period on my home spots in Galdar.
In all weather, in extreme conditions, there are « crazy » people who watch the riders in waves and film new images.
Christian Antunez is one of those water-videastes  and he has filmed and edited this video.


You will enjoy adrenaline and motivation comping through these highlights in my favourite playground, down my house.

I love riding these waves, every one is a new momentum,  a new impetus, a new thrill and a new game… as is life.

Filmed and edited by
To watch and share without moderation!


Action & Resilience – video – 2020

Gran Canaria & Chile – Waves, daring, falls, exploits – 2019 & 2020


Resilience : in physics, value characterizing the impact resistance of a metal.

Waves, reef, beach breaks, slabs… sometines a wave can be as hard as metal.

Resilience : in psychology, ability to overcome traumatic shocks.

Being resilient means being able to bounce back and rebuild after a difficult time.

Bodyboarding is an extreme sport that exposes the rider to risks, choices, shocks, falls and the need to get up.


Being a bodyboarder asks you to push yourself, feel confident, hold on, never give up.

While some people seem to possess this strength in an innate way, it is never too late to learn to mobilize one’s vital momentum.

Whether you are a rider, a competitor and just a human, you will need resilience at least once in your life…

RESILIENCIA is a film full of motivation, adrenaline, action, conscience and resilience.
The waves force me to be always ready, attentive and focused  and to feel both strong and humble.

Thanks to all the contributors :
Film and edition Nicolas Nachaj @pf_bodyboarding
Shootings :
Christian Antunez
Nicolas Diaz @nicolasdcm
Alejandro Marote @alemawo
Guillermo Delarue @guiga222
Bruno Dias @vanlife_productions


2010-2020 Ten years ago, the Bodyboard World Title ceremony

A splendid ceremony for the World Tour

In early December 2010, at the Tao Club in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria,  there is a very special event about happening.
Indeed, the IBA staff and the local producer of the event have organized a fantastic party. It is time to celebrate the 2010 IBA World Champions.
Isabela Sousa, Brazil is the 2010 IBA Women World Champion, she is an incredible rider with many titles and a big skill ont he waves.

El Confital, Gran Canaria (Spain) is the last step of the 2010 World Tour. The days before, all the professional riders have competed for this last step of the World Tour.

I am so proud to celebrate my this world title. For the first time in the history of professional bodyboarding an European rider his holding the World Trophy.
France is entering the legend and Reunion Island too !
I feel so proud and happy.

A glamourous moment

The cocktail and the dinner take place in a beautiful and perfectly decorated reception area. There are about one hundred guests. It is a sort of a dream.
Terry Mac Kenna opens the ceremony in a tonic and joyful speach.

My mother and my grandparents have come from France as well as Gilles and Béatrice, my uncle and aunt flying from Marrakech.
As a French ambassador, I decide to wear a tuxedo for this exceptionnal occasion. My grandpa brings me his dress shoes. My mother gives me my father’s cufflinks made of gold and opaline. It is a rare moment, something new for me. I feel confortable and elegant but inside my mind and my soul, I feel moved and blissed.

Thanks to all people that make the moment unforgetable.
A big stand up for the IBA International Bodyboard Association
A big thanks to the Canarian organisers of this exceptional ceremony.

VIDEO  my 2010 year on the World Tour  in search of my title as a world champion : every contetst, my victories, my interviews and the ceremony. Video edited by FocusProd. Don’t miss it.


2019-2020 KEEP IT UP ! Winter waves in Gran Canary

Winter 2019 – 2020 – Galdar ,Gran Canaria

Big swell and high sensations

On my playing ground, in Galdar – Gran Canaria, winter offers strong waves in perfect riding conditions.
I can  enjoy the daily swell coming from the Atlantic ocean. The water temperature is quite stable around 20° and the morning sun offers the ideal light.
I am really found of this place where I am living, with the mountain of Galdar and the cliffs falling in the sea.
Enjoy ALL this video : the waves and my tricks, of course.
But don’t miss the water purity and transparency, the caress of the sun’s rays, the sky and the whole nature.
And the feeling of freedom just down my house.
Then, keep it up !

Videos : Andrés SCHWALB – Arantxa ZAGAZETA – Christian ANTUNEZ – Joao IMAGINARIO – Nuno NOBREGA – Richard PEREZ
Edit : Andrés SCHWALB


2018 – FRONTON KING Final Day Video

Gran Canaria, Galdar, October 2018


The Fronton King 2018 is a World Cup form and is not part of the APB round, following disagreements with the organisers.
So there are few riders of the World Tour but the level is really high, with guests of choice as Dave Hubbard, André Botha and Guillerme Tamega who are not the least.
Above all, there are many canarian riders who know the spot perfectly and are serious challengers.

Among the stages of the World Tour, the Fronton is the one where the local riders have the highest level.
The 2018 edition offers a prize money of 12,000 to the winner, the strongest in the history of bodyboarding.
For my part, I do not hesitate a minute, with a prize money like this on one of the waves best suited to our sport.
And I want to win.

The organisation and the promotion of the event is perfect, worthy of the world level : live webcasts and comments,  interviews, press realise, concert, demonstration in schools…
The fan-zone on the cliff is crowdy and the online audience is high-level .
During the comp, I keep my hand throughout the heats, I’m really focused and motivated to win. 
In the semi-finals, I take tamega out with 18,57 pts and I am happy to face Jonathan Vega, a strong canarian rider, in the final.

During the final, I begin with a 7 followed by an 8-pts wave. Jonathan answers me with a 7,1 pts.
I find a good left tube + invert + rollo scoring 9,5 pts. Jonathan is in a combo position.
However, five minutes later I get a huge tube on a solid right and deep barrel catching 10 pts.
When the bell rings, the socre is 19,5 pts for me and 15,2 for Jonathan Vega.

On this tricky and powerful spot, tension and concentration are essential to succeed.
Now the pressure is dropping. Emotion overwhelms me. My heart is full.

Fronton is a kingdom to be conquered constantly…


Amaury Academy – GRAN CANARIA – Dec 2016

This Academy takes place on Dec 24, 2016, with OCEANSIDE as my partner.

It is the day before Christmas eve, on the 24th of December that young motivated riders spend a full day of Amaury Academy. Thanks to the big organization by Oceanside, we really can work efficiently together. We also get excellent pictures of the day.



Gran Canaria, Galdar – October 2016


After a long 2016 season, I am 4th on the World Tour ranking and the the last step of the APB World Tour 2016 is the Fronton King, on the famous World class wave down my house in Galdar.
I have to defend my 2015 Fronton King champion title.
My progression on the competition is good  and Iam in the final  that plays in a 4-men heat.
I am leading the heat, in front of Pierre-Louis who needs a good wave to get 1st. Uri Valado and Igor Sanchez are combo.
I win the final, keeping my 2015 crown, I am the 2016 Vice World-Champion and Pierre-Louis confirms his 2016 World Champion Title.


2015 – FRONTON KING – A big wave and a crown

October 2015 – Galdar, Gran Canaria


I am so honored to be the King in my training field.
El Fronton is among my every day waves, with el Agujero and la Guancha, in Galdar.  I live here as  it is my training residence.
It is a mythical wave with incredible local riders. They are brave, talented and proud of their waves. Thanks to you amigos for sharing your wave with me and accepting me in your community.
Then, I share this victory with all the riders who showed their level to all the international audience on the live webcasting

This event is classified as a 2015 APB Tour Special event. Therefore the Fronton King is on the way to go back in the World Tour legs. So I do hope it will be OK for next year !
A big Bravo to the organisation and to the Galdar headtown and Canary Government for supporting this event which soon will be a Gran Slam in the World Tour od bodyboard.

Thanks to Elements Prod – Cayetano González – Jesus de Leon – Richard Aleman  for the pics.
Don’t miss the video down the gallery with the highlights of FK 2015