Amaury Academy - REUNION ISLAND - August 2016
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Amaury Academy – REUNION ISLAND – August 2016

Boucan Canot – 2016, AUGUST 13 – 14

This course Amaury Academy in Reunion Island is a very special one for me.

It is organised by the Reunion Island Surfind League for young bodyboarders that have few opportunitis to ride eacause of the shark crisis that forbides free surfing. In quite safe conditions, I could make them progress and enjoy riding sessions.
Thanks to Eric Sparton, the president of the LRS for his confidence and to Kevin Hoarau and Laury Grenier for joining me on this academy.

I can’t help feeling so sad for all my mates in Reunin Island that can’t ride waves anymore. I remember my endless sessions in a safe and free ocean when I was a young man and I realize that I was a lucky teeenager aver there.
Reunion Island is a now a lost paradise for waves lovers.


31 août 2016

Amaury Academy, Reunion, reunion island