APB Arica Chilean Challenge 2016 - Arrival on the spot Amaury Lavernhe
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APB Arica Chilean Challenge 2016 – Arrival on the spot

The contest in Brazil finished on Sunday and on monday June, 27th we had our flight in the morning come to Chile. We arrived in Arica on Monday afternoon, pretty tired but super exited to surf Flopos and to get some bombs.
Already 11 years that I come to Arica and I still have this same motivation to surf El Gringo. This wave is just amazing and absolutely consistent!
Yesterday  Daniel Quintana Fleitas  from Canary  and Alex Uranga, the brand new winner of the Itacoatiara Pro 2016  had our first surf after a local comp but the wind came and makes the waves impracticable. This morning we show up really early on the spot and the waves were pretty big.
All the competitors are arriving today and tomorow and the surf should be pumping so stay tuned for more actions!
The contest should start on Friday with some good conditions so be sure to watch it online at APB TOUR

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