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Full moon & good swel for a big riding

Gran Canaria, El Fronton- El Agujero – Feb,2023


A rider depends on Mother nature. So that the wind, the streams and even the moon have an influence on  tides and  waves.

During the period of full moon, the lunar attraction on earth is stronger. it sometimes causes changes in the swell that gets more powerful. It is the opportunity for me to enjoy the barrels in endless sessions, even late until sunset. Then, as this is coming, the sky takes on colors of fire. Then it gives way to a red blood moon in a deep dark sky.

In such conditions, El Agujero or El Fronton are the two favorite places to do scales, like a musician on a keyboard. During these long sessions, I advise to hydrate regularly to avoid cramps. After the effort, don’t forget a good stretching exercice to easily recover.

Filmed and edited by @vgbnd.media


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Final Arica Cultura 2022

El Gringo, Flopos – Mayo 2022


For my come back on the World Tour in 2022, my first step is Arica (Chile). It all begins by a sort of a bliss coming down on El Gringo (Flopos), one of my favoutite wave on the Tour.

In insane conditions, with a huge physical effort to give, all high-leveld riders getting big scores and a big motivation are the elements of this unforgetable day .
I take advantage of every step of the contest to surf these powerful waves so inspiring for me.

Just have a look on this video that summarizes the sequence of the series and towards the unforgetable 20-point final.

This day was a special one, as I was back on the World Tour, I realized that when you are focused, when you ride  with your skill and your mind, repecting and defying  your opponents and the wave you are riding, you can go high.  Believe in you, work hard and do it.

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A decade to reinvent a new life 2012 – 2022

Reunion Island & Grand Canaria – 2012 to 2022


In 2012, after the death of my friend Matthew by a shark attack, in Reunion Island, I realized that I had to leave Reunion and to reinvent me.  It’s been 10 years already that I arrived in the Canary Islands and my life has changed for the better.

Enjoy this video which quickly summarizes my journey since my arrival in the Canary archipelago. I took on challenges, I got joys and successes and I will always carry with me the link I have created with the Canaries
The moral of history ? Never give up, search and find a plan B.

Edited by Cristian Antunez @vgbnd.media
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Thanks to all video makers for their shootings.



Chile, Arica – May 2022


May 2022 is the start of the 2022 World Tour with the Arica Cultura, the first stage of the Bodyboard Tour. I arrive directly from Galdar, Gran Canaria via Madrid, in Arica, in the north of Chile, for the contest. I come to this mythical wave that I have been venerating for many years… It is an ideal wave for bodyboarding, a monster hard to tame that allows to score. The finest of global and local bodyboarding flocks for this first stage of the World Tour 2022, it’s great to be here. After two years of interruption of the World Tour (2020 and 2021), business is back on track and the riders have not been prayed for !


I’m part of the game, my goal is clear: I want to resume the World Tour gradually to try to get back in the Top 16 in 2022.  I only participated in two stages in the last World Tour of 2019 – to dedicate myself to my family and my academy – then I came out of the Top 24. It means that I will have to go through the qualifications during the next events.


In the first rounds, I quietly score my opponents, winning each serie.
As I begin the 8th of the final, my strategy is simple : I want to score high and hard very early in the series to put pressure on the opponent and get ahead of the wave lines that sometimes delay to enter.
the 1/4 finals, I will go up a notch, leaving my opponents combo practically during all the series. Against Matias Diaz (CHI) local rider capable of the best, I score a tube at 10 pts from the beginning. And he will respond with a 9.40. This is the magic of Arica: all riders can make good scores, because the level is high.
In the semi-final, against the underdog Maxime Castillo (FR), same score, I put a 10 pts in the first minutes. I coach him during the series, it’s important to encourage him to choose the best waves. 


In the final against Tristan Roberts (ZAF), I reissue the 10-pts tube at the very beginning, then very quickly a 9-pts to continue with another 10-pts. I feel that Tristan is no longer in the game. I also encourage him. It is important that he scores good waves. He has to fight to the end. He is a gifted rider, he must give the best. At the end of the time, I raise my arms to the sky. I am in shock.

Joy, emotion, fatigue but above all, pleasure.
I enjoy surfing these magic tubes, of making aerial inverts, of paying tribute to this wave.
I love feeling the fusion with the audience on the shore.
I appreciate climbing the technical cursor to surf at my best level because my opponents push me, because the level here is amazing.

When PLC and Yann Salaün (a French rider too) hold me up to the official stand, I feel moved and inspired, I have so much to say !


 » The riders who come to Arica all want to win. My first win here was in 2014, it’s been a long time. And yet, I came back every year, I have been on podiums.
I kept training, fighting, dreaming about that moment.
There are so many good bodyboarders on this wave, the path is difficult to get back on this podium, I did not give up and today I am there again !
Never give up, work and keep your aim.
I am proud and moved because it was a tough and beautiful fight with excelllent riders. »

 » The
dream of a bodyboarder is not to be a professional in this sport.
First, it is to have the bodyboard always present in your life, with you and in you, to inspire you an healthy life, travel, meet different people and cultures on different oceans, learn other languages.

Bodyboarding is a beautiful sport that has been living in the shadow of surfing for so many years but that’s the way it is. We, bodyboards, have a spirit, a mentality.
We live in an atmosphere far superior to that of a simple lucrative sport.

Connect to the ocean the way you want, because the ocean is life.
And if you connect with the bodyboard, you will live an unique and unforgettable experience.

I am so proud to be a bodyboarder and to share this with you !« 

« I just feel so thanksfull for what the universe has planned for me today and super gratefull for all the support I received during this event.
Definitely, it is a highlight in my competitive carrer and one of the best performance in the History of bodyboarding competition.
A huge congrats to all the competitors for putting the show during this contest.
The professional bodyboard Tour has now a new entity with the IBCWORLDTOUR.

So let’s work all together to push bodyboarding where it deserves to be ! »



Bluff Beach, Isla Colon, province of Bocas del Toro – Panama – 2022 February 14 to 20 


Hard to find the words to describe the week we spent on Bluff beach, Bocas del Toro, Panama, for the BOCAS INVITATIONAL, a contest dedicated to bodyboard.
I suppose that veryone has his own vision of Paradise…
If for you, it is a safe place with good waves, warm water, really friendly local people and a great bodyboarding community, so this could be it.

The event has been a total sucess from the start of it until the final day where we had some awesome waves for all the finals : Juniors, Women, DK and Open.
The Hawaiians dominated the prone and DK disivions with the Victory of Sammy Moretino and Dave Hubbard.
Isabela Sousa (Brazil) and Joel Rodriguez (Portugal) won in Women and Juniors divisions.
For a private competition, the event was very well organised and perfectly managed.
I am very grateful for the great work of the organizers, Francisco, Ruben and Gustavo !
I want to thank especially those who carried this event.
And in particular, the local guys who agreed to open up their tropical paradise.
At the time of departure, I was looking forward to returning with my family for an incredible holiday,
in the heart of this beautiful nature, and especially in the company of these beautiful people.
See you, Bocas and Panama !

Amaury Academy – SPAIN – March 2022

Bakio Surf Eskola – Playa de Bakio – Basque Country

It is springtime and sunny day, on 26 & 27th of March, for all the riders attending the bodyboarding clinic organised by Gaizka  for the Bakio Surf school.
Bakio is a municipality of Biscay in the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country in Spain, about 100 km from the French border.


Despite of the small conditions we had for these two days of Amaury Academy workshop were a sucess !
Technical workshops, video analysis, stretching and physical preparation trainings and nice riding sessions in small waves punctuated these two days.
The main point for this type of course is to spend the most quality time with everyone.
Then I am able to share good bodyboarding content such as technical and physical tips, video analisis but also talking about gear, waves, training, nutrition etc…
It is important to adapt my advice according to every rider.
Thanks to Gaizka for organizing this course.
We both look forward to develop other projects in the Bask country where the bodyboard has a long and solid history.
Bodyboard should keep growing and developing !

YUYO PRO 2022 – Invitational event in Galdar

El Pico del Agujero – Galdar – GRAN CANARIA


This event is organized by El Yuyo himself, the famous local rider Alexandre Reyes.
An invitational event with most of the top Canarian riders and one of the best wave location you could imagine for a competition !
El Pico del Agujero is one the waves I can see from my house when I wake up… It is a very strong one !

For me, it is  a privilege to be part of it and to be able to compet in amazing conditions of waves against some of the best local riders.
In very good conditions, and with a tight timing, this competition will be a real challenge technicaly and physicaly.
As I am on the two divisions – Open and Drop Knee – I will have  to ride 6 heats on the final day on the powerfull  and the majestic wave of « El Pico del Agujero »!


I am super stoked on the final results with a first place in the DK division. I have tried my best riding back side against Javier Ceballos, Angelo Freda and Alejandro Ryes.
In the Open division, I’m happy to be on the second step of the podium with Jonathan Vega, the event’s winner and the talented Lionel Medina and my  fellow countryman from Reunion island Robin Legros !
A special thanks to Alejandro Reyes  el Yuyo for the organisation of this invitational event.
And my gratitude for the local community to make me feel at home…
See you next year !

Amaury Academy – ITALY – Jan 2022

Surf Beat School – Nettuno 


The local rider Genesio Ludovisi from the Surf Beat school organizes this bodyboarding training with Amaury Academy.
It was awesome to meet some of the local bodyboarding community and spend such a great day full of teaching.
We start the day with the technical part: installed on the beach with their board, I study with the riders the grip of the board,
the position of the elbow, the hand and the body on the board. This is fundamental
After, we have a two-hours session in the waves. Then we went to a place called Maxlab Fisiosport for functional training and video analysis.
It is an important step so that the riders can better understand the technical advice I gave during the day.
On the video, the riders can see their maneuvers and we can watch them precisely together for them to progress.
It’s really interesting to share my knowledge and technique with bodyboarders of various ages who therefore set different goals.

The key is to adapt my speech so that everyone can understand the advice and adapt it to their level and purpose.

The next course in Italy with Surfbeat School will take place in June 2022, so hurry up and book your course as soon as possible!
Hope I can come back for a new Amaury Academy with this motivated team.
Thanks to Roberto capoccitti sports shots for the pictures ! @rcsportsshots
And congrats to the rider and coach Ludovisi GENESIO SurfBeatScholl in Anzio – Italy !!


Gran Canaria, Galdar – 2021


Every morning, when I wake up I see by my window El Fronton, my neighbourg, at the bottom of the seascape.
I take the binoculars to see how the wave behave.
This incredible wave is one of the most dangerous spot in the World.
Some people would say it is my Obsession… I would probably agree.
But, it is a sane obsession that makes me stronger and aware,
that makes me 
realise the beauty of Mother nature.


If I want to be able to ride this wave at my best level, I must be at the best physical and mental level.
For this, I need a severe discipline. By having the most healthiest routine, I stay alert to watch the beast’s awakening.
Enjoy this awesome clip that mixes amazing footages of riding and discover my daily training.
You can see that I am not exhausted in training. I am regular, competitive and I progress day after day.
Every time I ride these majestic and powerfull waves,
I realize how lucky I am to be here,
I celebrate the beauty of the ocean.
All my body and my senses are awakened.
Fimed and edited by Sunay Film Maker.
Supported by @bodyboardsniper @amauryacademy @mundo_surf
Duration 3min 28