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2010 – My incredible year on the World Tour


This video is a complete summary of this special 2010 year for me on the World Tour.
The editor has compiled the best moments of the contests, my best waves and the podiums.
He has added my comments, my training sessions in Reunion Island and the final prize ceremony in Gran Canaria, where I get the trophy and the honours with all my friends
See the  2010 Ceremony Gallery

« I have not seen such a determination
in a competitor since the old Tamega days « 

Damian King, Aus. X2 World Champion

Pipe Line pro – Hawaï : I win the comp, I am the first european rider to win this contest.
Arica Chilean Challenge – Arica – Chile : I finish 2nd after a crazy final against David Winchester – Aus.
Chilca – Peru :  In the final with Pierre-Louis, I know that I have to surf my best and I do. But in the first minutes of the heat PLC score an unreal 10-pt-blackflip with a perfect landing… I let him the first podium, this top 2 gives me a certain advantage for the next stop of the World Tour. I have many points in my pocket when I arrive in Portugal.
Sintra Pro – Portugal :  I go step by step, winning my heats progressively touching the aim… And I win the final, with one fin only ! Imagine, I have no cord on my fins and during the final, a wave takes one of my fins off…  Anyway, fated have smiled upon me and I win the competition. With this other victory, the number of points is sufficient to block the counter  and allows me to be the 2010 World Champion of Bodyboard.

« Amaury dominated the 2010 World Tour.
His discipline both in and out the water results
in the most technically precise surfing on tour. »

Mike Steward, Haw.  X9 World Champion

You will remember me hold by Mike Steward and Ben Player who are my heroes, as I get out the final heat in Sintra.
You will also see me training on magic Reunion Island swell.
You will feel my emotion and my joy.
Don’t miss it. It is a real highlight of my life as a bodyboarder.

« A longlife dream »  is edited by Lany Lesizza.
Thanks to the assistant editors Charly Chapelet – Matthieu Milella – Focus Prod Reunion Island.


2010 – Videos Pipe Master in Hawaii


See these two videos as good memories to me. It was the begininng of my search for the World Title. I did not know I was on the way… Imagine, the honour for me to be filmed by Mike Steward.
See Damian King, the mythic Australian rider joking about the final.
See  a young Jared Youston who was already in the field.
See Diego Cabrera, a Canarian rider, I didn’t know he would become my neighbor someday.
Life is an unpredictable path.  Enjoy and share!


Mira estas videos que son recuerdos felices para mi. Era el principio de mi busca del titulo mundial. No sabia que ya estaba en el camino…
Vean a Damian King, el rider australiano mítico.
Vean que un joven Jared Youston ya estaba en la carera.
Vean a Diego Cabrera, un rider de Islas Canarias, no sabía que algún día se convertiría en mi vecino.
Vida es un camino imprevisible. Aprovechalo y compártelo!

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