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Training in Canary

10 September – I come back to Canarys by mid August after four months travelling in Australia, Indonesia and Latin America, with my 30th birthday to celebrate.  It is good to be at home, get back on the nice daily routine between my family, my training and the waves around.

The season for the North coast of Canarys is starting now and we already have some nice swell in the last few weeks. In a local comp at El Agujero I ride in DK as a good training before Sintra.

Indeed, soon will start the Portuguese leg with the Sintra Pro 2015 – 22 until 27 September – and the Nazare Pro and I feel physically ready and really motivated to compete. My focus :  to defend my first place in the World ranking and also my 2014 DK Sintra Pro title.It will be a new challenge for me after the steps in Brazil and Chile.  Nothing is easy, you always have to fight.

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On trip in Indonesia

This year, I spend one month in Indonesia with my family. After five weeks travelling by myself in Australia in early April, I am really happy to see my familly coming from Canary to meet me in Bali. I fly to Denpasar from Sydney to meet after a long trip flying from Las Palmas. We stay for one week in Bali to relax. After that, we go to Sumbawa to score a good swell. We are really lucky as it is not too crowded and the waves are pumping!

My friend Sylvere Tanguy makes many footages in extreme conditions and we are now working on a good video clip that should be out in the next few weeks.

Local people a peaceful, welcoming and it was a big experience to share their lifestyle for a while. Indonesia is such an amazing country with perfect waves but the bodyboarding culture still really poor so it is time to change that and to make local people realize how fun bodyboarding is. BAGUS!

Thanks to Sylvère Tanguy, Ephrem and Elements Prod for the pics.
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