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As I arrive in Arica, Chile on June 2016, I feel confident and I want to enjoy every heat on the wave of El Flopo.
This wave is solid and regular, I really love riding on it.
After my victory at Arica in 2014 and my second place in 2015 after a memorable finale against Jared Houston, ZAF, I want to confirm a good position.
My quarter-final against Jeff Hubbard and my semi-final beating the Brazilian Eder Luciano lead me to the final.

Another South African on the top

I have the big pleasure to ride in final agains another talented South Africain rider, Ian Campbell.
And it seems like ZAF riders are hungry…
Ian wins after a very interesting final, I surf my best and so he does.
I am admirative and respectful for his combativity and this victory.
When the bells rings the end of the heat, we both congratulate each other with a sincere joy.
Pictures do not lie…

When I fly back to Europe, the 2016 APB World Tour program leads us to Portugal :
Sintra, Viana, Nazaré before the last step in Gran Canaria at El Fronton.
All hopes are allowed for scoring high and trying to keep on the upper steps of the 2016 World Tour ranking.


2016 BRAZIL- Itacoatiara Pro

A mate on the podium

After my good entering in the comp, with my 2015 title in mind I want to go as far as possible in the board.  I am surprised and disappointed as I fail in semi-final. Anyway, the competition is as usual a success for the organizers and all peopole sitting down the Itacoatiara Elephant Mountain. I am glad to see Alex Uranga winning the event. He is a strong rider and he is a SNIPER team rider with me. So that I an proud to see his SNIPER board on the podium.

 Just once won’t hurt…

To be at the top level is really an extraordinary situation but you have to be humble enough to accept what happens. At the same time, you need to be strong enough to go ahead and project yourself into new victories.


2016-Teahupoo Tahiti Challenge APB Tour


After twelve years long without any Bodyboarding Professional contest, Teahuppo welcomed us with the Sparkgreen Teahupoo Tahiti Challenge  in April-May 2016.
This majestic wave demands a big organization. All is ruled by the APB Team that takes care of any detail ( security, action film, live webcast).
I feel a big motivation  in front these good waves to ride.

I keep so good memories in mind, even my failure  against  Jeff Hubbard – the winner of the contest.
It gives me more to learn with such an incredible rider : to be more offensive, to tempt aerial manoeuvres although you are the leader of the heat, even when you have the priority. I know that I will progress again and again. That is one of my motos : You can’t stop progress…

A tribute on my skin

Although I get only Top 13 on the comp,  I capilise on my pleasant journey in Tahiti. This island is a magical place where the ocean is a sovereign and the waves just amazing.
The island is a natural treasure and I feel attracted by all the French Polynesia islands.
I am lucky to stay at Mana’s home, with his wife and daughters, in an authentic Tahitian lifestyle.
Never forget :  Tahitian people are friendly,  nice, hospitable and I can’t wait to be back there for a new Teahuppo or for a trio, why not ?

I leave with some grey pearls in my pocket to offer to my beloved wife Malennhy and with a tatoo on my leg, another tribute to Tahitian islanders and waves.







The QUEMAO CLASS is an invitation event of 32 surfers and 32 bodyboarders selected from all over the world for their qualities in reef waves. It happens in Lanzarote island (Canarias) taking place in La Santa on the famous spot El Quemao in early January 2016. On this event both surfers and bodyboarders compete on the same wave, on the same contest with two draws: one for surf and the other for boogie. I am happy and proud to win this 2016 Quemao Class edition : all the riders are so dedicated and the level is really impressive !




Iquique, Chile – December 2015


The 2015 ISA GAMES are my last competition of the year.
I am the captain of the French Bodyboarding team for the ISA World Championship competing with 69 athletes from 14 National Teams.
We all that travelled from around the world to compete for Gold Medals in the name our nations.
In every team you have an U18 boy and U18 girl, a Women, 3 Open men and one dropknee rider representing all the facets of bodyboarding.

It is a great sporting adventure and a rich human experience that I will remember all life long.
Lets’s celebrate the ISA Champion title for Anne-Cécile Lacoste in Women category.
In 2015, the French team wins the Gold Medal in the Tag Team :  we save the title that we got in 2014 !

Thanks to ©Sean Evans and ©Pablo Jimenez for the pictures.

Want to know more about the final day and our Tag Team victory ? Click here


2015 – FRONTON KING – A big wave and a crown

October 2015 – Galdar, Gran Canaria


I am so honored to be the King in my training field.
El Fronton is among my every day waves, with el Agujero and la Guancha, in Galdar.  I live here as  it is my training residence.
It is a mythical wave with incredible local riders. They are brave, talented and proud of their waves. Thanks to you amigos for sharing your wave with me and accepting me in your community.
Then, I share this victory with all the riders who showed their level to all the international audience on the live webcasting

This event is classified as a 2015 APB Tour Special event. Therefore the Fronton King is on the way to go back in the World Tour legs. So I do hope it will be OK for next year !
A big Bravo to the organisation and to the Galdar headtown and Canary Government for supporting this event which soon will be a Gran Slam in the World Tour od bodyboard.

Thanks to Elements Prod – Cayetano González – Jesus de Leon – Richard Aleman  for the pics.
Don’t miss the video down the gallery with the highlights of FK 2015


2015 – PUERTO RICO – A big suspense for the world title

October 2015, Puerto-Rico

Crazy Encanto Pro 2015

The 2015 World Champion title is decided in Puerto Rico !
This spot is such a nice place, situated in a tropical paradise with a good bodyboarding community. This APB contest, the Encanto Pro Cultura takes place in Isabela.
It is an amazing professional event with big promos, meetings in schools and exposure for the sport. That is exactly what bodyboarding needs today !
A big bravo to the local organizers, particularly to Natasha, Jared Houston’s wife  who made a big job too.
Before the contest, me and my family stay at Jony’s – Jonathan Perez. He is the official dealer of SNIPER in Puerto Rico (

Focused on the target

I spend the first week really focused for the contest, training everyday and trying to have the healthiest routine possible.  I am actually really exited to compete for a new title.
It is a new goal in my career and a great battle between Jared, PLC and myself. But the competition offers Jared a big suspense as is out in the 1/16 final. He watches the final day of the comp from the beach with anxiety.  PLC and me are the only ones able to steal the world title to him.  I have to win my 1/8 final heat against Jacob Romero to get the title… With a big pression, I lead my heat until 3 minutes before the end, then Jacob scores a good wave and I  answer him 30 seconds before the bells ring, unsuccessfully. I am out and the title won’t be for me. PLC has now the advantage. He fights until the final for his chance, but Jeff Hubbard wins the contest, making PLC unable to get the Wold Title. Jared leaps with joy on the sand and we rejoice with him.

After a big deception for being so closed to the victory, I sincerely enjoy Jared winning his first world title.
Anyway, he wins in the island where he is living now, with his wife and his daughter. He deserves this title and we celebrate it all together. It is fabulous and it inspires me a lot.

My 2015 APB Award

By the way, I have the honour to receive the 2015 SPORTSMAN OF THE YEAR APB award from Alex Leon, the APB CEO. This trophy rewards me for my sporting commitment and my competitive spirit

Thanks to and Alex Diaz and Jony Perez for the pics.
Read the FFS reporting about this comp in French.
More items about my results on the World Tour 



So good memories after this crazy contest! Above all on the final day. I have not competed in such conditions for a long time and it is actually awesome to change the rules for few heats, making it faster and stronger in terms of physical effort! The presence and support of my wife Malennhy and our son Oliver is a precious vitamin for my reaching the final.
So excited for this World title race, something healthy and something that stays for ever in the history of our sport! I am more than ever engaged in the World title race with Jared Houston and Pierre-Louis Costes. It is my adrenaline for the end of the 2015 APB Tour.


2015 – ARICA – A big competition in high conditions

August 2015 , Chile

An incredible final

Once again, for the 2015 edition, El Floppos has kept up with his reputation.
This spot is definitely a waves machine and a bombs raiser…
This comp has been completely crazy with high big scores for many of the competitors. I was feeling focused, very motivated and the level of the waves and riders whet my appetite for fighting and ripping. A big tribute to Jared Houston for this red-letter final who showed to anyone that even when everything seems to be lost, you must never give up.  

On the final, with Jared Houston, the waves are a big smaller and I know that I have to score some waves early in the heat. In the first five minutes, I get 18 points (9,25 – 8,75 pts). Jared has 25 minutes to overpass my score. Late in the heat, his inverts scoting 9,5 pts  allows Jared to get 18 pts too.  So what? In a final suspenseful exchange with 20 seconds remaining on the clock, we both take off on a split peak. This last effort is no avail. We are ex-aequo when the bell rings. The rule is simple: Jared wins on a tiebreaker with his higher score. 9,5pts.
Congrats buddy, you did an amazing contest !

Thanks to all the people involved in the organisation of this Chilean contest, by far the most consistent wave on tour.

Ten years already that I am coming in Arica and I cant wait to come back to surf Gringo again !
Hope that through these pics you will see what bodyboarding really is : strong riding,  big focus and real friendship.
So long Arica, see you again and again.

See the BocaNegra video about my 10th year in Arica  2015 Moz in Arica


2015 BRAZIL- My victory at Itacoatiara Pro






Another victory, another incredible moment

Some days before leaving to Rio, I come  back from Indonesia with my family and we spend nice days in Europe. A long flight Denpasar-Amsterdam-Paris-Bordeaux. One night in France then just one day fo rest. Then on Saturday, Magdalena and I both fly to Lisboa (Portugal) for PLC’s wedding day. Our plane is late and a huge traffic jam from the airport to the beach could make us miss the event. Fortunately, we arrive at the ceremony just five minutes before the bride … and we spend a fantastic sleepless night with our friends. Back to Bordeaux on Sunday, we really need to sleep and to rest a little bit to forget the jetlag from Bali. As soon as we recover, it is time to leave to Rio for the 1st step of the 2015 APB Tour.

After my first victory in 2013 and my 3rd place in 2014, I celebrate this event with all my supporters.  The beach break at Nitoroi closed to the sleeping elephant rock is in good shape for the 2015 contest. Happy to be there with my family, Magdalena and Oliver and enjoying all the good vibes around for bodyboarding. During the comp, we live in a nice house, next to the beach, easy to cook, train, enjoy the family life before and during the contest.

This contest is really physical, tactical and as it is a beachbreak, the waves change at any moment so you have to be aware and always watch the ocean.
Brazil is a big nation of bodyboarders with strong passionate riders and big champions as Luis Villar, Paulo Barcelos, Guillerme Tamega or Uri Valadao than inspire me.
And it is a place where training and fitness are a real way of life. Thanks for the warm welcome and support. I will be back soon. Obrigado !


See the videos of the final day ITACOATIARA PRO 2015