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Iquique, Chile – December 2014


I fly to Iquique as the Captain of the Team France for the 2014 ISA  World Championship.
It is a great moment for all the team and we work hard all together to get the best possible rankings.

We are very closed to each other, we support everyone and we make the job !

France on the Top

Gold Medal – Tag Team

Silver Medal -National Team

Gold Medal – Drop Knee 

Silver Medal – Open

Congrats to all the French team for the job and the mutual support !

Sport and generosity

I support the French PETITS PRINCES non-profit organisation for diseased children.
I decide to take the mascot of the association with the Team in Chile whereas I launch a fundraising for the organisation Les Petits Princes.
My partner on this operation is the FFS and SNIPER, that offers a board to a donor drawn by lot.
Then « Le Petit Prince » mascot travels with the French Team  and it was our lucky charm.


2014 French National League

Every year, since I was eleven, I attend the French National League with the Reunion Island Team. The location of the national championship changes every year, most of the time in the south west Atlantic coast, but also in Bretagne ou Vendée.

In 2014, we are in Hossegor (Landes coast), and the French Surfing Federation celebrates its 50th birthday. With many others World Champs in all categories, I am honored  with an awards, during a special ceremony.
During the 2014 edition, I defend my Drop Knee title successfully  and I am very happy to see my friend Laury Grenier getting a gold medal on the Open category. I appreciate my silver medal as well. Reunion bodyboarding for ever.
Since 2015, on late October, every year, the Fronton King APB event (Canary Island) happens at the same period as the National League, so I cannot attend the competition. I hope one day, I can be back to compete in France with my friends and new talented guys.

More about the French Surfing Federation
Read more about the French National League




2014 Sintra Pro – PORTUGAL






I have come to Sintra for more than ten years now and for me it is the place where the World crown came to me twice : in 2010 and in 2014… Every year, I am stocked to see the involvement of the organizers, the crowd on the beach and I really appreciate this complete event : Open, Drop-knee and Women divisions. It is always a great moment of competition.
On my first title, in 2010, I remember that I surfed my final against Guillermo Cobo with no string tied to my fins. Then I lost one fin on my first wave and I continued and won the heat with one fin only.
Never panic, just keep focused on your target.

In 2014, I was competing in both Open and Drop-knee divisions and it was the first time for me to win a DK World tour event. I was there with Magdalena and our son Oliver, three weeks after our wedding. It was great to get the World title with her next to me, as she was the one who re-motivated me for the 2014 season after the mixed fortunes of 2013.
Keep your willpower stronger than disappointment.


See the video about my second WT at Sintra, as a tribute to all people supporting me.


2014 Arica Chilean Challenge – CHILE





After nine years surfing El Floppo on IBA then APB Tour, with a second place in 2010, I eventually conquered this fabulous wave that is my favorite one on the World Tour. I have spendt nine years, year after year, discovering this powerful slab, these strong and solid waves, the endless swell. Nine years enjoying  the big and opened heart of Chilean people.
The  2014 final against PLC has been an incredible duel and the talent of Pierre-Louis forced me to do my best to finish the job. I am so happy and proud to raise the trophy.  I was lucky to surf in such conditions, with such a good friend and rival and so big conditions.
Que Dios le bendiga a Chile !
Arica te quiero…
Never give up, always push up your limits.


2011- ISA GAMES – Gran canaria

El Fronton, Galdar – Gran Canaria , October 2011

On the previous year, in December 2010, the last step of the IBA WT took place in El Confital (Las Palmas de Grand Canaria).
In 2011, the ISA WORLD GAMES are organized on the legendary spot of Gran Canaria,  in Galdar, The Fronton,  a little further up north.
These Bodyboarding ISA World Games happen on very high-leveled waves and big-valued riders.
It is my third selection with the French Bodyboardind Team for the ISA World Games  ( 2006 in California  and 2008 in Portugal).

Pierre-Louis Costes and I are members of the French Team, with big pressure on our shoulders but big vibes too.
The final of the Open Men is probably our first official big assault with big moves and big scores.
Our friendship and sporting rivalry are as strong on the waves as in life… On the podium, PLC gets the Gold and let me the Silver medal.
Both our results and the scores of others French Team riders make France the 20111 ISA World Champion by Team.

Among the organizers and Galdar’s inhabitants  around there, I catch sight of a beautiful and incredible young woman.
Her brother is working with the organization of the contest.
Her name is Magdalena. Our paths just past each other. I ignore that it is the beginning of my Life…She enters my destiny.


2010 – PIPE MASTER Hawaii

I win the mythic Pipe Line Pro !

The Turbo Pipe Line Pro on the North Shore in Hawaii is the first event – and the main event – which opens every year the IBA World Tour in which I have been participating for 3 years as a professional. The 2010 edition started on Feb. 16 with the trials, with a 10-day waiting period, as the conditions were expected to be better at the end of the week. I feel impatient after such a long wait.

A flawless course

Friday 26th is the last day of competition, the comp has restarted in perfect conditions with solid waves between 8 and 12 feet. As I am in the top 16 (Top 6 WT 2009), I enter directly in the 1/8 finals (round 8). I start with a 9.5/10 just to test my form and determination.  I go step by step in the contest, focused on each series without thinking about the final, to ensure my surfing throughout the course. I feel in a flawless run to the final.  I ensure my confidence by finishing first in each heat. In the semi-finals, I defeat Ben Player (Australian, 2 times World Champion) very motivated for the title at Pipe and Pierre-Louis Costes, my best rival and friend.

A stunning finale

I feel no pressure, I am just happy to be in the final. On the end on the heat, I score high with a precise and daring trick : barrel-back flip-rollo and I get an unexpected 10… A sort of dream for all thrill seekers and for me ! With 17.50/20 score, I leave high and dry Damian King (Australia), Diego Cabrera (Canaries) and Jared Houston (South Africa). I am really full of emotion and joy. It is a moment of grace, I want to share with all those who follow me and trust me.

A coveted title

I have been training hard since my arrival in Hawaii in early February. I am in a great shape and focused. I feel my progress, my commitment and my motivation getting bigger.  I want to do better than I did in 2007 when I was 3rd in the final on the same even, a première for a French and European bodyboarder.
With this victory, I probably fulfill one of my big dreams. It is of the most coveted titles, the North Shore is one of the most difficult to ride as the extreme conditions make this spot inaccessible.
Reunion Island and France now have their flag engraved in the PipeLine rock, next to the biggest names in bodyboarding. With 2000 points, I take the lead of the 2010 WT that will continue until December, between Australia, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Mexico, then Europe with Spain, Portugal and the Canary Islands… It’ gonna to be a long season, I’ve got to stay the course. I will keep my goal. MY LIFELONG DREAM…

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