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Puerto Rico is such a nice place to go, a tropical paradise with a good bodyboarding community and this last APB contest  is an amazing and professional event with so many promos, meeting in schools and exposure for the sport : that is exactly what bodyboarding needs today! The organisation is really good and we are lucky to get some fun waves.READ MORE


AMAURY ACADEMY , a new concept

Let me tell you about my new project

This academy is a worldwide bodyboarding and training school where I will share my knowledge and skill with all riders of any level.

I am already working and organizing some classes for 2016 in Marrocco, Portugal, France, Cabo Verde, Martinique and Spain…
Why not in your surf club of surf school ?

It would be so good to share with you guys good surf sessions, technical trainings, talk about mental preparation, nutrition to improve together.

You want to know more about the courses and the workout ?  Open the files of your choice.





Amazing Fronton King

October 5 – I am just back home from the Nazaré Pro -Portugal- as the waiting period of the event begins on El Fronton – Galdar, Gran Canary.  A good swell is  to come. Saturday Oct 10, on the first day of the comp, for the 16 first heats, the conditions are nice but not as big as expected. A better swell is forecasted.

On day 2,  in the morning check-in, the wind and the rain ruin the spot and it seems impossible to launch the comp. Anyway, the organizers push the button ON and the contest starts as the rain stops, the wind changes and the waves come. This day is a very good day and the heats ask for good physical conditions. With no priority, it is more complicated, you have to take your chance and every one is fire. My semi-final against Diego Cabrera is tactical and need to score high. During the final with Dailos Rodriguez, I feel confident, the tubes are solid and my tricks are clean. Scoring 19 points is really amazing for me. In this heat, more than the others, the physical condition makes the difference. Dialos is tired, the cramps make him unable to score. I feel better, more resistant then more efficient.

My wife Malennhy is here, attending the comp, she is a girl from Galdar, a blessed town that owns El Fronton, La Guancha y El Agujero. The first time  I have seen her, was in 2011 ISA Games, at the same place… This title is very symbolic for me.

I feel proud because as you know, I live now in Galdar with my wife and our son Oliver and I dedicate my trophy to all people living there that welcome me every day and make me feel ``at home``.

As a 2015 Speciality Event APB, the contest Fronton King organized in Galdar is now achieving a new recognition after three years now. The spot El Fronton is considered as one of the best World Class waves for bodyboarding. In 2012, with no more local support, the IBA cancels this renowned World Tour last step.

In 2013, Canarian organizers launch the contest El Fronton King. Most of competitors are local riders but they are not the least : the level of these guys is awesome and the quality of the wave is top level. 2015 is the third edition. Hope that the fourth one will be an APB World Tour step.

Long life to the Fronton King ! Hope you will all be there next year for the APB World Tour.

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Nazaré, not so big but crazy

4 Oct – After Sintra, the Nazaré Pro allows me to improve my scores. For this new APB Step, the waves are not as good as expected, anyway the riders’ level is very high and the situation asks for skill and mental.

On the final day, a sand storm changes the deal : no live scores, no webcam. The semis and the final will not be man on man, no more priority. We are four on each heat, with no visibility, no scores but a big motivation. The conditions are crazy. The heats are really grueling, I ride as much waves as possible. Quarter 1st. Semi 1st. The final is a big moment too. Jared Houston rips with a big invert, I know that I still need a big trick to overpass him. A second place would keep me on the top ranking. On the last seconds, Tristan Roberts scores and makes me third. OK, it is an incredible moment.

I think that no matter the surfing conditions, a contest is a contest and it always brings good sport actions, team work, emotions and exposure.

I have not competed in such conditions since a long time and it is actually awesome to change the rules for few heats, making it faster and stronger in terms of physical effort!
So excited for this World title race, something healthy and something that stays for ever in the history of our sport! I am more than ever engaged in the World title race with Jared Houston and Pierre-Louis Costes. It is my adrenaline for the end of the 2015 APB Tour.

Long life to the Nazaré Pro and thanks to the organizers for the job. Obrigado a todos !


After Sintra, let’s go on !

The 2015 Sintra Pro is not an unforgettable comp for me, living two tough days in prone but that makes me even stronger and I am always learning something.
This week-end I have seen my friend Pierre-Louis winning this event and I get inspired to how he makes it and how happy he is. Idem for Dave Hubbard in Drop Knee even in light waves conditions, he did it and get with a new World Champ crown. Quite happy with my 3rd place in Drop knee. Still leader of the 2015 ranking I know that I have to do my best to keep ahead.

That’s good to be fighting with motivated and talented guys following me.

Anyway, the atmosphere and the welcoming in Sintra is always at the top, and I will miss all my friends and local supporters. See you next year for more action and pleasure. I am now in Nazaré, for the next stop of the APB Tour,  focused and fixed up to do my best. Let’s go ahead.


Training in Canary

10 September – I come back to Canarys by mid August after four months travelling in Australia, Indonesia and Latin America, with my 30th birthday to celebrate.  It is good to be at home, get back on the nice daily routine between my family, my training and the waves around.

The season for the North coast of Canarys is starting now and we already have some nice swell in the last few weeks. In a local comp at El Agujero I ride in DK as a good training before Sintra.

Indeed, soon will start the Portuguese leg with the Sintra Pro 2015 – 22 until 27 September – and the Nazare Pro and I feel physically ready and really motivated to compete. My focus :  to defend my first place in the World ranking and also my 2014 DK Sintra Pro title.It will be a new challenge for me after the steps in Brazil and Chile.  Nothing is easy, you always have to fight.

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14 July – Just after my victory in Brazil at Itacoatiara, I arrived in Arica full of motivation but with a bit of pressure: as the 2014 World Champ and the champion of the previous edition. This wave is powerful, consistent and this is one of my favorite wave on tour.

Consequently, I keep strongly focused, from the beginning until the end. I fight step by step, one score after one score, with one aim in head: winning each heat. It asks for physical and mental resistance.

In a heat, until the last second, nothing is lost. Everything can happen if you believe it can happen.

On the final, with Jared Houston, the waves are a big smaller and I know that I have to score some waves early in the heat. In the first five minutes, I get 18pts. Jared has 25 minutes to overpass my score. Late in the heat, his 9,5pts invert allows Jared to get 18pts too.  So what? In a final suspenseful exchange with 20 seconds remaining on the clock, we both take off on a split peak. This last effort is no avail. We are ex-aequo when the bell rings. The rule is simple: Jared wins on a tiebreaker with his higher score. 9,5pts.
Congrats buddy you did an amazing contest !

Thanks to all the people involved in the organisation of this contest, by far the most consistent wave on tour. Ten years already that I am coming in Arica and I cant wait to come back to surf Gringo again !

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Itacoatiara 2015

26 june – Coming back from Indonesia with my family, we spend nice days in Europe before leaving to Rio.

A long flight Denpasar-Amsterdam-Paris-Bordeaux. One night in France just to rest for one day. Then on Saturday, Magdalena and I both fly to Lisboa (Portugal) for PLC’s wedding day. Our plane is late and a huge traffic jam from the airport to the beach could make us miss the event. Fortunately, we arrive at the ceremony just five minutes before the bride … and we spend a fantastic sleepless night with our friends. Back to Bordeaux on Sunday, we really need to sleep and to rest a little bit to forget the jetlag from Bali. As soon as we recover, it is time to leave to Rio for the 1st step of the 2015 APB Tour.

During the comp, we live in a nice house, next to the beach, easy to cook, train, enjoy the family life before and during the contest.

I feel no pressure, just a big pleasure to be there among passionate riders.

As I am the current World Champ, I know that I will be carefully watched. Anyway I feel positive. A good swell is coming, the waves are big for the first day and I have to keep focused and confident. The presence of my family is a good way to low the pressure. When you play with your child, you forget the world around and just feel good.

This contest is really physical, tactical and as it is a beachbreak, the waves change all the time so you have to be aware and always watch the ocean.

It is always a pleasure to compet in Brasil with the biggest bodyboarding community in the world.
Obrigado to the organisation and see you guys next year for another great event !

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On trip in Indonesia

This year, I spend one month in Indonesia with my family. After five weeks travelling by myself in Australia in early April, I am really happy to see my familly coming from Canary to meet me in Bali. I fly to Denpasar from Sydney to meet after a long trip flying from Las Palmas. We stay for one week in Bali to relax. After that, we go to Sumbawa to score a good swell. We are really lucky as it is not too crowded and the waves are pumping!

My friend Sylvere Tanguy makes many footages in extreme conditions and we are now working on a good video clip that should be out in the next few weeks.

Local people a peaceful, welcoming and it was a big experience to share their lifestyle for a while. Indonesia is such an amazing country with perfect waves but the bodyboarding culture still really poor so it is time to change that and to make local people realize how fun bodyboarding is. BAGUS!

Thanks to Sylvère Tanguy, Ephrem and Elements Prod for the pics.
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